3 Things Nobody Tells You about All In One Profits

Are you still struggling to find the right Online opportunity for you?  With All In One Profits, you get an amazing bundle of marketing tools at a price that is certain to fit into anyone’s budget.  But so what?  What does having a bunch of marketing tools do for you?  Especially if you have NO idea what you’re going to do with them?  Consider three principles of online marketing before you decide if All In One Profits is right for you.

#1 The All In One Profits affiliate program is NOT the only way to make money

You probably found yourself looking at All In One Profits (AIOP) because someone either sent you an email about it or you were searching for ways to make money online.  AIOP is really in its early stages as a company.  You might be lured into thinking that AIOP is just an online money making scam because a lot of people are promoting it.  They’ll tell you that you can make money each month by referring others to sign up and pay to use the tools.  Like other companies that offer webhosting, auto-responders, and squeeze page builders, AIOP has an affiliate program which pays you to promote the tools.

There is so much more you can do with AIOP!  Do you have a hobby or business that you’re passionate about?  Why not start up a blog to share your expertise or passion with others?  or Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting your own podcast.  AIOP levels the playing field and makes it affordable for anyone to have an online business up and running in no time.  All In One Profits’ affiliate program is just one way, but you have so much more potential to earn a sustainable, long-term income.  Don’t limit yourself

#2 AIOP is NOT a way to Get Rich Quick

I’m sorry to be the one to break the news to you, but even if you’re “ON FIRE TO RETIRE,” it is not likely that you can start making significant affiliate commissions from AIOP within the next 8 weeks.  There are A LOT of  “Teams” promoting All In One Profits where they combine their efforts to help people recruit others to sign-up to use the marketing tools.  While the team concept isn’t new, it will still take a long-term commitment on your part to realize any REAL commissions.  Be prepared to spend your first year promoting, creating content, sharing your marketing message and your story without making a single penny.  You might consider more than just FREE methods to promote All In One Profits if you’re going to make AIOP your primary business.  (An example of a promotion system can be found in The Guru’s Playbook, also called the Secret’s of the Big dogs)

I was part of an extremely successful team build in 2012 where we grew a team of almost 7,000 affiliates in an opportunity called Global Domains International.  After my first 6 months, I had the #1 video for GDI on youtube and was getting a steady stream of leads and sign-ups each week.  I used FREE methods to promote GDI and that is what took me so long.  Unless you’re prepared to use paid traffic methods, you will have to be prepared AND patient.

#3 If you Can’t Decide on a Team, Don’t join AIOP

For full disclosure, some of the links in this post are affiliate links and I may make an affiliate commission if you follow a link and eventually make a purchase.  That being said, IF… you have been considering joining AIOP I recommend that you consider a team.  Why..??  If you are new to online marketing or affiliate marketing, a team will provide you with training, promotional materials, and there will be more experienced marketers that you can lean on for experience.  I met and still stay in contact with my GDI team leader from 2012 because of the lessons and mentoring he provided.  But.. if you go looking for ways to make money with AIOP, you will be exposed to several different ways to promote as part of a team.

I recommend that you search for different teams and fill in the opt-in forms for the ones you find.  I know, you’re thinking you don’t want MORE email messages in your gmail account.  Hear me out first…you can always un-subscribe right?  Reach out to the people who start sending you messages and ask them any questions you have.  IF they don’t respond or they don’t answer your questions, then you’ll know whether or not that team is for you.

Do you REALLY need a team to be successful with AIOP?  Of course not!  But if you’re new to affiliate marketing, it helps to have a group of people to lean on until you get comfortable operating in the online marketing space.  Ready to check-out AIOP?  Comment, reach out, or checkout the Elite Action Team to get answers!