Every legitimate business has a business cost. AIOP too does, except that AIOP offers a unique feature, where one can actually start his AIOP for free, grow it for free, yet still being able to grow an income of 4-5 Figure monthly.

This is a very powerful concept, many people yearning to start and grow their own business do not know about. It all starts with the AIOP e-certificate.

The AIOP e-certificate is actually a PIN or Code that any AIOP affiliate in good standing can buy from their AIOP back offices. This AIOP e-certificate has a value which is equivalent to the basic or pro AIOP Membership.

There is no limit to the number of AIOP e-certificates you can buy. This e-certificate is meant to be given only to new affiliates or new businesses, and that gives the new affiliate or business a full 30 days of unrestricted and unlimited access to all AIOP Tools and Services.

The full 30 days of unrestricted and unlimited access to all AIOP Tools and Services is what is also often called AIOP TEST DRIVE. Actually intended for the affiliate to familiarize themselves with the AIOP Tools and services, appreciate them, before they ever make a decision, if to continue their membership or not.

Though the concept of the AIOP e-certificate and AIOP TEST DRIVE was initially designed to give access to those interested to test the AIOP Systems during beta launch  — development and programing phase, it became highly desired as a way to support struggling affiliates jumpstart their aiop Business, so, it stayed.

Today, many affiliates use the AIOP e-certificate to give potential Affiliates initial access (AIOP Membership) for 30 days to test Drive the System, then decide if they want to keep using the system or not.

With the e-certificate, one gets a fully paid AIOP membership for a whole month. Smart AIOP Affiliates use this as a recruiting tool which works tremendously well.

Smart prospects (Potential AIOP Affiliates) exploit the e-certificate concept to build their AIOP Business 100% Free without spending a single Dime out of pocket. The AIOP Affiliate compensation plan is very powerfully lucrative and second to none in the entire Industry.

With the AIOP Affiliate compensation plan, you need just 1 (one) referral to break even. Which means, with your first month of AIOP Membership paid by your sponsor via the e-Certificate, if you referred just one Affiliate during the 30 days period, from month 2 of your membership, all the membership fees will be fully covered.

Amazingly, there is no limit to the number of referrals you can have during the 30 days Test Drive period. This means you can basically make unlimited amount of money. Many are doing it and why not you?

This is exactly how many leverage the AIOP e-Certificate to start their AIOP business for free, and build it to for Free, getting to earn 4-5 Figure without ever investing a single Dime.

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