MaxAdCoop — We Send 1000’s Of Visitors To Your Sites.

Here is how it works…
Once inside, you’ll add the links of the websites you want to promote. We provide you with a new Co-Op link that you will now take and add to the sites where you are surfing or advertising. Every hit to your Co-Op link gets you a hit back to one of your sites from our network of 1,000’s of sites. So to sum it up, you continue to do the same advertising as before but your site will be seen by thousands of customers you wouldn’t normally reach. If you own your site, you can also participate in our banner co-op and text ad co-op. It works the same way.

Here’s why we’re better…
We go one step further than nearly every other co-op site out there. Twice every month we take 30% of the site income from the previous 2 weeks and purchase advertising that we send to your sites! As our member base grows, so does the amount of traffic you receive! To top it all off, we only buy traffic from sources that we know produce signups and purchases.

1:1 ratio
30% Commission on all sales
Extra traffic bought and sent to your site
TWICE every month

…and your sites are shown on 1000’s of sources

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