Today my Grandson Jordan came home from work, and the first words he

said to me was «Grand Dad I think I won’t be working there any more.»


When I asked him why he said «We were robbed today at gunpoint and I am quitting!»

I said to him «No, No, No, Don’t quit.  I said God is the only one who determines how

long you live on the earth.  And God is the one who rewards us good for god and evil for evil.

I said to him that the only way not to achieve the success you seek is not to quit.working

towards your goal and only fear causes quitting.  I told him that the robber was driven by fear,

that is why he had the gun.  If he had courage he would work for his money.


It is strange how fear to proceed seeking good could cause a person to stop and

give up seeking but it is really true that it does.


My grandson Jordan is very special to me.  He lives with me and my wife. Every time

I am able to speak with him for even a few minutes,  I encourage him to become more

«Value Able»