I have seen AIOP (All In One Profits Opportunity) around for a number of years and only recently joined when I realized the value that this company offers for a fraction of the cost of other similar companies.

With All In One Profits, not only do you have yourself a ready-made business opportunity, but you also have access to indispensable tools that every marketer needs in order to be successful. Best of all it won’t cost you the earth, so this makes it affordable for everyone to get started with their own online business in any niche you like.

For a measly $10 per month you get the following:

Autoresponder – Unlimited Subscribers;
Splash Page / Squeeze Page Builder;
Unlimited Premium Website Hosting (using either your own domain or theirs);
Free advertising in the form of banner and text ads on their site;
Products that you can use to give away to build your email list;
AIOP Ad tracker;
AIOP Ad rotator;
Huge AIOP E Library.AIOP
So as you can see, AIOP offers everything you need in terms of the marketing tools and the services that you will need to brand and build any business, both online and off.

Now AIOP still doesn’t cap my favourite online company (Wealthy Affiliate), but it is perfect for beginners who want to hone their skills and learn to build their own online business without breaking the bank.

Who Should Join All In One Profits Opportunity?
Anybody who wants to get started online and learn how to build an online business should give All In One Profits Opportunity a go.

Not only can you host your websites here, but you can build your list at the same time using their double opt in autoresponder, as well a create captivating splash pages to entice people to your list. You can also use their products to offer your subscribers as a bonus.

Even if you know nothing about internet marketing, there are hundreds of “how to” video training courses on just about anything that you can imagine about internet marketing. The videos include computer training, self development, network marketing, MLM, social marketing, audio templates and sales pages.

Is There An Affiliate Program in AIOP?
Yes, the affiliate program for the All In One Profits Opportunity is quite amazing, as you get $10 for every odd numbered person you refer. The even referrals go onto your sponsor.

So in other words, you will get your first, third, fifth and so on referral placed under you, and your sponsor will get your second, forth, sixth and so on referral placed under them.

All you will need is one referral to (just about) break even.

I say “just about” because there is a $1,50 admin fee that also comes off for payment processors.

It may look like you are passing too many referrals to your sponsor, but it is not so as you only pass the even referrals across the width of your downline. You as a sponsor will receive all the even referrals passed to you by your deep downline.

All your direct referrals will start a new downline that will in turn pass all the even up to you. Sound good?

Due to this system, it is best to promote AIOP as a team build.

Is AIOP A Get Rich Quick Scheme?
This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but AIOP allows you to start your own online independent business where you get paid. It will like any other business require some work and commitment on your part.

They aim to sell good products that they want you to make use of to build any business of your choice. It doesn’t necessarily have to be within AIOP.

What is a Team Build?
This is how it works. Once you join you and your sponsor both promote your referral link until you get your first signup. Thereafter, you promote for your sign up while your sponsor keeps promoting for you.

In this way your signup is happy when he gets his first referral faster and you continue to promote his link until he gets his second referral which then gets passed up to you anyway. You never promote your own link, except in the beginning until you get your first referral, thereafter you only promote your referrals links.

In this way, both you and your referrals stay happy, and your businesses keep growing over time.

To read more about the Team Build Click Here.

Are there any upsells in AIOP?
No, when you join you simply pay your $11.50 to be a basic member.

There is, however, a Pro Membership level which costs $15 per month with a $1.76 processing fee. This is the comparison table.


However, I suggest you start at the lower membership, and when your teams grows, then you can upgrade.

If you belong to the Pro Level Membership of All In One Profits you gain the following extra benefits:

A Special Premium PLR Products Package added each month. You can use these for yourself or sell them.
Mobile friendly, flexible ready-made templates for autoresponder integration.
Photo Slider Maker where you can easily create a photo slideshow for your website.
Video Squeeze Creator for your website.
Royalty free music and images for all your marketing needs.
All banner and text advertising on both levels have unlimited views.
Pros and Cons of The All In One Profits Opportunity
There is a lot of value provided, especially if you consider the costs of website hosting and a separate autoresponder elsewhere.

There are also many other tools that you can use to grow any business that you choose.

The compensation if you choose to promote AIOP is second to none, and you can build yourself a pretty decent income over time.

Because the tools within this platform are useful for internet marketers, the retention level is high.

You can request your payout straight away. There is no waiting period and no minimum amount you have to accumulate. This is great if you need funds to pay your next monthly subscription.

The platform as it stands is not as easy to use as the Wealthy Affiliate platform, especially if you want to build a website.

You will need to learn how to use a C-Panel and there is thus a learning curve involved.

Luckily there are video’s that cover each and every aspect of the tools offered within the platform.

The other major con that I have come across is that they offer a co-op to help you advertise your site to get your referrals, but the cue is always too long for them to allow any others in to buy shares.

The platform is slightly on the simple and old-fashioned side, but they are in the process of upgrading it.

The other con is that AIOP offers highly competitive products, so you will have to work hard to refer others, but the good news is once your referrals see the value of the platform, they normally stay onboard.

So to recap:

All In One Profits is the only company combining:

Affordable: $10 monthly for Basic membership;
$10 for each referral in your downline (each odd number referral is yours to infinity);
100% payout Basic level;
Break even with your first referral ( One single referral will set you free);
Unlimited income $1000, $5000, $10,000…as much as you want;
A business in itself, offering All the web tools every online marketer needs to build ANY business;
A system that is affordable, profitable and works immediately;
A Business Center, including autoresponder and web hosting services designed to help you build ANY business you want;
We made it possible, no matter how your marketing skills are!
A legitimate business for regular people that doesn’t cost hundreds to get into;
AIOP advertising and expanding advertising network.
It is all about MULTIPLYING TO INFINITY wide and deep! Not with1, 2, or 4 but… x INFINITY ! The potential is HUGE !

There has never been a better time than now to add All In One Profits Opportunity to your business portfolio, as it is a great way to expand your primary business.

Also think how much your would pay individually for all of these standalone web tools and services if you buy them separately.

Join our All In One Profits team build today by simply clicking here and signing in.

This is the place to be either for building your own online business, promoting their tools or both.