So my name is Alex.  I’m 34 years old.  From Hertfordshire UK and I have been pursuing the affiliate marketing dream since January.

It all started last year.  Aside from my regular eBay business, I was working a side hustle as an eBay trading assistant.  To be honest it was a slippery slope and it was one problem after another.  A lot of stress and it got to the point it was actually losing me money.  It was very one-sided and this wasn’t in my favour.  The thing was towards the end it was making me feel unwell but I had a revelation.

I would try something else.

Finding a way that I could make money so I could tell my eBay partner where to go.  It was one post I read and I wish I saved it!  So I could show it to other people that read my posts.  Anyway, it was a post on google about different ways to make money online.  Can’t remember how many websites I looked at before I found this one but it said about blogging.  That blogging if you put the hours in was a very good way to make money.

I had actually done blogging years back but never successfully from a financial point of view.  It was because of this I stopped, and I guess part of me always wanted to start again but I never did.

So, after reading this post about how blogging can make you a lot of money I decided to give it another go.

On December the 31st 2019 I decided to stay at home instead of going out for NYE.  My reason was simple I wanted to take action.  Even though it was one of the best nights to go out all year I decided to make this sacrifice.  I spent the whole day and night indoors writing.  My new blog dynamicideasandopportunities was born and I decided it would be about Meditation, Healthy Living, Making Money and Online Business.

I got off to a great start one of my first reviews was for a product on Clickbank called Leptitox.  One day I don’t know what happened but I got like 2 commissions I think it was.  1 week after creating my blog I made like $264 or something.  It couldn’t have come at a better time I had flights booked to go Ireland and I wasn’t going to go because I didn’t have the money.  I came back from the Gym after getting a text from my brother saying he couldn’t loan me any money and there it was – I was so happy.

Since then that month I made a few more sales of Leptitox.   The post was a real winner and I learnt a very valuable lesson – do not mess with something that works.   I think that something in that post got it noticed but I changed it and changed it again.  It is now on my other website and I haven’t made anything from it since April!  What happened was I joined Wealthy Affiliate and because I learned so many new skills from here I started changing things around and I moved the post and updated it to look more professional.

That is my advice for anyone that moves from blogger to wordpress.  Don’t move your posts over if they have made you money before.  Write new one’s.  I could have paid somebody $100 to have written a new post and kept that one that made me money but no point dwelling on it.

Since joining Wealthy Affiliate I have written nearly 70 posts now.  Out of 25 websites I am allowed to host there I have created 5 and as of June 2020 I have lots of work to do.  Updating posts adding new content and building email lists.  So far one of my site DynamicIdeas4life I think is going to be the first one to start making me money.  I have set up an email list on GetResponse and am getting at the moment roughly 1-2 sign ups a day.

So this is one part of what I’m doing to build a passive income stream.  Other than Wealthy Affiliate I joined Herculist.  That is something I’m still trying to fully work out but I am a paid member $7 a month and use a few times a week to send email swipes and solo ads – still no real results but it is all about building an effective strategy.  I will keep using till something works.

I am signed up with GetResponse as I mentioned.  I previously tried Aweber for 1 month but for $19 it was too much and it was not working for me.  Once I decided to use an email marketing platform again I kind of fell in love with GetResponse.  It is cheaper and it allows me to build landing pages, newsletters, lists etc. and there is till more for me to learn.

Since I have found LeadsLeap to be an amazing platform to use alongside this.  I recently upgraded here too for $20 a month, and from here I found out about All In One Profits.  At the moment I am just finding my feet but the commission system wow.  I can’t wait to fully explore more.