5Billionsales is your ultimate solution if you suck at referring or making Sales

5Billionsales Delivers $155k to Any Existing or New Business

5Billionsales will deliver $155k to Any Existing or New Business. Individuals too can take advantage of this service. Where it is signup that you want or sales, 5Billonsales will deliver. Why not join 5billionsales today to find out?

5billionsales can deliver guaranteed sales or signup for affiliates of any program or MLM. 5Bilionasales can deliver guaranteed sales for Amway, Herbalife, eBay store, Amazon store, fiverr, Avon, Etsey, Nu Skin, Shopify, Infinitus, etc., just to name a few.

There are over 1 billion websites on the Web that spends over $140 Billion on advertising each year. They spend their money on adverts that are hard work and expensive to run. Most adverts fail to hit required sales targets, but advertisers continue spending because they had no option. Guaranteed Sales solves this.

5Billionsales offers a new way to get sales or get referrals for your opportunities. 5Billionsales service delivers Guaranteed Sales for any business and products.

This is new… It’s the new way to advertise. Use 5Billionsales’ unique, revolutionary vertically integrated data and advertising platforms to deliver $155k Guaranteed Sales to any online business. 5Billionsales is the first-to-market and leading the way. 5Billionsales pays consumers for their Web browsing data and use it to target advertising which enables 5Billionsales to deliver sales, not traffic.

With the superpowers of 334,700,000 consumers using 5Billionsales browser extension, viewing a range of smart, stealth embedded adverts and 1,853,083 publishers, publishing 5Billionsales adverts on 9,265,415 webpages, 5Billionsales is rapidly changing how businesses advertise and sell on the Web. 5Billionsales consumer data ecosystem is the world’s first vertically integrated platform that pays consumers for their browsing data. 5Billionsales powerful platforms and networks provide businesses a unique opportunity to increase their sales without huge costs upfront.

5Billionsales does two types of advertising package. They cost the same, but deliver very different results:

  1. Standard Adverts deliver an agreed number of qualified visits, in a set time, to a business that does not make online sales.
  2. Guaranteed Sales delivers an agreed net profit to a webpage that makes online sales. The net profit is $155k.

Standard Adverts deliver visits that you need to convert at your location to achieve your objective. Normally used for offline businesses and non-eCommerce websites. Standard Adverts cost $269.00 yearly. You can upgrade from Standard to Guaranteed for free.

Want $155k EXTRA Sales or Sign-Ups? The 5Billionsales is your solution.

Get Guaranteed Sales. There is a limited number of Guaranteed Sales upgrades available. Guaranteed Sales delivers an extra $155k net profit to your online business. You pay 5Billionsales on results. After you’ve banked the $155k, you pay 5Billionsales $52,700 which is 34% of the $155k as profit share. Sales can be delivered to any legitimate business except those that distribute or sell pornography, alcohol or tobacco.

When the limited offer ends, Guaranteed Sales will change how it bills the 34% profit share. Instead of billing you after delivery, new advertisers will need to fund an escrow with the 34% profit share before delivery.

To check availability, click here to register for free and start placing an order. If Guaranteed Sales is still available, the system will reserve your ad with Guaranteed Sales.

Guaranteed Sales is popular. New orders may have to join a waiting list.