6 Reasons Why Etherconnect Community Members Earn the Most Money daily

These are the 6 Reasons Why Everybody is Rushing to Etherconnect today

This should be important news for some fellow online marketers and investors, or just anyone seeking to improves his/her finances, because Etherconnect currently offers two different investment portfolios that can change the financial outcome of anyone. No prior knowledge or experience needed; no tech skills necessary ever. All you need is register for Etherconnect, buy and stake the coins, then cash out your profits. That is how easy it really is.

So, if you have been wondering where to invest your money, Etherconnect is the place now. And all it takes is as little as $50 to buy and stake ECC (Etherconnect Coin). The good news is that, when you stake ECC, you get airdropped EYFI Coins, Meaning, you get EYFI Coins for free, just for holding ECC.

The value of EYFI is predicted to soar to even 100x to 1000x. So, this is an opportunity you do not want to miss.

1. Etherconnect has reopened to allow members from USA and Canada participate. Previously they closed the registrations to those two countries for obvious reasons. Now with USA and Canada being on board again, that means more investors and more growth in the ECC (Ether Connect Coin), hence more profit can be expected for all Etherconnect Community members. How cool!

2. This week Etherconnect started to sell the new EYFI Coin at an entry cost of $0.10. The price of this coin has been steadily increasing at a fast rate. Within a few short days the value of the EYFI Coin jumped from $0.10 to $0.57. The coin will continue to increase as each hour and day passes, as the demand for this coin is increasing.

3. Private sale for the EYFI is currently ongoing, and Etherconnect is the only place you can purchase the EYFI. They are scheduled to list EYFI on public exchanges in August at the price of about $8-$10 per coin. So, even if you bought the EYFI now even at the price of $1, you could be $8 or $10 richer per coin come August. $100 used today to buy EYFI coin could easily be worth more hat $1,000 or even $10,000 in a couple of months.

4. There are predictions that the EYFI coin will be increasing to 100X to 1000X its value. I will not be surprised if we see the value of this coin jump to $10 or more by the time it is listed in the exchanges in August.

5. Members of Etherconnect can stake the ECC Coin for as little as $50. When you stake the ECC Coin you receive a daily return for 365 days. At the end of the 365 days your deposit will be returned.

6. Etherconnect just completed the first Air Drop of EYFI to members that were holding the ECC Coins. The second Air Drop is scheduled to begin on July 20. Members will receive 1 EYFI Coin for every 20 ECC Coins they are holding.

Here is the home page of Etherconnect to review it, but you cannot register without a referral ID. I have one for you at the bottom in case you would like to join. https://etherconnect.co/

Now would be a great time to JOIN Etherconnect and purchase some of the ECC and EYFI Coins.

Even, if you do not want to purchase ECC Coins, EYFI is a must have now, because it value is growing like wildfire.

Currently, the purchase of EYFI is only possible through your Etherconnect back office, where you will have the chance to purchase the ECC coins too. Click here now to register for Etherconnect, then you can purchase your EYFI and or ECC Coins.

Join 348,000,000+ others and let us be successful together.

Happy Investing, good luck and much success.

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