Basic Instructions To Get Started
Log in here to your back office
You need to set up your own paylink only after you have paid the Member Fee…scroll down to the Step 2 video if you prefer to use stripes or paypal for your payment processor…if you decide to use the Wave app (that is what I use), go to the files section here in this group and you will find the tutorial for that…very easy to set up….
If you prefer paypal or stripes, Vic explains in Step 2 (when you scroll down in your back office of “this is not mlm” in the big black box with white writing) how to set it up and how to change your redirect url every week when you pay your membership…if you go with the Wave app, my tutorial will show you how to do that 😉
Start with the FB script training in your back office at the top right where it says FB AUTO SCRIPT…watch that video on how to do it and start building your FB friend list
After setting up your paylink, you can start promoting your own affiliate link…go to Vic’s FB wall ( and start copying and pasting his posts, but use your own link in place of his ( you will need to get a domain asap for your affiliate link)
You are also welcome to copy any of my posts that you want to
As you build your friend list with the FB script, you will start getting more eyeballs and interaction on your posts…just be patient and keep building your list with that FB script;)
And be sure and watch the training videos in your back office…the link is in your email 😉
(username and password will be in your emails when you pay…it changes every Friday)
You will receive a new email that will have your new login link every week on Wednesday after you make your membership payment….
DO NOT miss payments or you will miss out on commissions!
We have LIVE webinars every Mondays & Thursdays at 8:00pm est, and Saturdays at 1:00pm est Be at these when you can….these trainings will change your life!
Message me with any questions 😉
P.S. And by the way…Message me for the link to show you how to save a video from a facebook post