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Our Team Build Group is called Top of The Team. It is a Facebook group which allows you to be placed at the top of a team of 10+ paid and active team members – These 10 team members are secured for you BEFORE you register your own account.

There is a one off non refundable payment to join Top of The Team. This is used to fund professional level marketing which is how we gain referrals for you.

In other words you know in ADVANCE of registration that you have 10 PAID team members ready to be placed in your team when you register.

In fact we keep a list of 100 people who have paid to be part of the team already and are ready to be placed AFTER you have registered.

You can see this list of 100 people, and talk to them at any time in our Facebook group: Check the details on the link given below .

Facebook group –  See Proof

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