Why some people get richer, while others pull the strap of poverty all their lives

Hello fellow marketer,

Have you ever wondered why some are always lucky while others live their lives in complete poverty?

Many will tell me that someone got a good inheritance … but I am not considering this case …

There are people who have become rich starting from scratch ..

The answer is very simple and you can find it in this video:

Jack Ma – „Worst People to Serve are Poor People“..

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If you watched the video carefully, you should have realized that those who act become rich .. yes there are also defeats, but they do not stop and are constantly looking for a way to become independent ..

I have a familiar Chinese billionaire …
I do not give her name so as not to offend …
But she started startups 15 times and lost all the time, and only her 16th startup brought her billions of money.

Well, why didn’t I tire you?

So start fulfilling your dream today and don’t wait until tomorrow ..
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Alexander Korobchanskiy
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