Never before seen odds, 1 in 3 Chances of winning a cash prize. Avazoo’s Billion Dollar Raffle is not a lottery. It has guaranteed winners, does not split winnings, has monthly bonus prizes and its all for charity.

Lotteries DO NOT do that.

Welcome to Avazoo, home of The Billion Dollar Raffle. The World’s Greatest Fundraiser for Charitable Causes, where You have a 1 in 3 Chance of Winning a Cash Prize ranging from $10 to $1,000,000,000 USD

FIRST PRIZE: One Winner! One Check! $1 Billion Dollars (US$1,000,000,000)!

SECOND PRIZE: 100 Individuals Will Receive $1 Million Dollars (US$1,000,000) Each!

You can get a Free ticket for the $Billion Raffle by simply registering, and helping Avazoo spread the word. You can share the good news about Avazoo with other people who would just love the chance to win a Billion. Also, by downloading the Avazoo app to your phone and sharing a post (done by the click of a button, to your favorite social media channel), makes you an Avazoo Ambassador.

If you continue to share the love and serve Avazoo and your connections by spreading the word as you just did, you can gain additional benefits.  It gets even better because every time you share your link you earn an additional Free Entry on your ticket.

Why Do you Want Additional FREE Entries?

Well in addition to receiving the joy of sharing this with others each Free entry increases your Probability of winning a bigger prize.

This is how it works… The drawing will take place over 6 Days and on Day 1 you go in the draw for $10 and if you win that’s your single-entry ticket used and you won $10, congratulations!

However, if you have multiple entries, you also go into the following days’ raffles each day offering bigger prizes and you will always receive the biggest prize you win all the way up to the $1 billion.

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