You probably know that I highly recommend the book ‚Think And Grow Rich‘.

What I mean by „Don’t think and grow rich“ is that we should stop making decisions based on our own thinking.

Instead, we should make decisions based on the thinking of someone who has achieved the result we want.

Confusing? Let me explain…

You see, if u can achieve what you want with your current mindset, u should have already achieved it.

So if you continue to make decisions based on your own thinking, what do you think will be the result?

That’s right, same as before!

Here comes the switch…

When you imagine yourself being another person and think like that person, your decision will be different.

That decision is more likely to give you the result that you want!

So instead of asking yourself,

„What should I do?“

Ask yourself,

„What will ___ do?“

___ is someone you would like to model after or someone who has the success that you desire.

For example, if you want to become an investor like Warren Buffett, when you make an investment decision, ask yourself, will Warren Buffett invest in it?

Of course, to be able to do that, you need to read widely.

I love reading biography of successful people so that I can put on a different thinking hat for different decisions.

Stop making decisions using your own thinking.

Imagine yourself being the person who has the success you want, and ask yourself what he will do if he is in your shoe.