Webtalk, a business friendly social network has launched.

Webtalk is the newest social network that promises to pay commissions.

A business friendly social network has just launched. It’s called Webtalk, and it promises to pay commissions to all the members who help to build the platform. This video explains the compensation plan in detail. The compensation plan is exciting, but there are other reasons to take a look at Webtalk. It couldn’t have come along at a better time with all the privacy issues, and accusations of partisanship coming out of Facebook nowadays. Not to mention the election fiasco.

Webtalk is set up better then Facebook in my opinion. You can easily set a new contact as either a personal friend or business contact. There are even sub categories like prospect, or team member. I know people who maintain more then one account on other networks because they are trying to keep business, separate from their personal contacts. If you’re interested in seeing what Webtalk is all about, you can sign up here, it’s free, and there are over 100,000 members as I write this. Webtalksignup.com  .

Another great reason for joining Webtalk is that there is an opportunity to market to a whole new audience. I made a short video showing a little bit of the back office.

You might be thinking that the last thing we need is another social media site. Normally I would agree, but Webtalk has a nice feel to it. And when you are a part of something right at the start it makes it that much more special. I think Webtalk will be around a long time and will give the big guys a run for their money. If it pays like it’s promising to do, it will be huge. Sign up now and get your profile set up right away. There’s really no reason not to join Webtalk, and the possibilities are amazing. Marketers are always looking for traffic, and this is a brand new, wide open frontier.