Adfeedz traffic exchange, unique and effective.

Adfeedz traffic exchange, is brand new and is delivering results..

Adfeedz traffic exchange is a breath of fresh air in a world of cookie cutter scripts and same old same old traffic sites on the internet. If you’re bored with seeing the same two or three scripts over and over, then you’re in for a treat. Adfeedz traffic exchange appears to be a custom script and it has a lot of interesting and useful features. They have even added new features since I joined three weeks ago.

They offer several different ways to surf for credits, including surfing websites in a frame which earns you one credit. Surfing in a new tab, which offers two credits per view. They also offer something unique, that they call a text offer. This gives you twenty five credits, and I would compare it to an on site solo ad. The reader must first spend five seconds looking at the title, then ten seconds reading the body of your ad, then clicking through you are presented with the actual website for another ten seconds. This seems to be a great feature both for surfers to build up their credits quickly, and for advertisers to get their message out to prospects. They also offer the common ways to advertise on a traffic exchange including banner advertising, log in ads etc.

There are also several ways to earn on Adfeeds. Including just surfing as a free member, from the surf pool. Members who have “traffic contracts” have other pools they can earn from including the surf pool, team pool, group pool, and global pool. They also earn 10% on any traffic contracts purchased by their referrals. They give 1,000 credits away to try out the site to anyone who signs up, plus another $2.50 in cash bonuses if you complete your profile and follow some well laid out steps designed to walk you through the site and get you familiar with how everything works. A clever feature.

Adfeedz also has a down line builder, and something I’ve never seen before on a traffic exchange. An Alexa rank booster. I haven’t tried it yet but find it interesting and will be using it in the near future. They will also be adding a page builder in the near future.

As I write this Adfeeds traffic exchange is less then five weeks old. That brings me to my favorite part about the site. Over twelve thousand people have joined already. Thats a lot of prospects to get your offer in front of. Three thousand new pairs of eyes a week is hard for any serious online marketer to pass up. In my two to three weeks here I have around fifty opt ins already. So thats one reason why I am super excited about Adfeedz. As a traffic exchange I think it’s definitely going to be one of the best. I even made a video to document my first weeks results in Adfeedz traffic exchange. View here

Of coarse the best way to use Adfeedz and any other traffic exchange is to have an autoresponder and capture leads and build a list of prospects you can follow up with in the future. I also made a video documenting how responsive the traffic is. View here.

If you’re looking for advertising thats effective Adfeedz traffic exchange is the place to be. There is also a chance to earn an income for people who want to build a team in here. The best of both worlds, traffic and income. I’m happy with Adfeedz traffic exchange, and I think you will be also.