All In One Profits Team Building Mistake To Avoid

If you love working in a Team, avoiding these mistakes can make you more successful with AIOP

These marketers actively using these tools and Services to build their existing businesses or start up new ones.

AIOP is an amazing Company, very customer oriented and has been helping ordinary people since 2012 build successful businesses. This they do by providing a variety of Business building tools and Services for individuals and for businesses. AIOP also has a very lucrative affiliate program to help its affiliates or customers earn more money or even use these tools and services for free.

All in One Profits Business models is very teamwork friendly. Working as a team, many affiliates tend to achieve more success through teamwork support, more than they would, if they were to be working alone. With this in mind, some leaders have built teams around their AIOP business. The only problem is that some teams do not quite do it in a way that will maximize their team growth, success and profitability.

Hence the reason for which I decided to write this article. This is such that, new teams or existing ones can identify and fix some issues that may be impacting their team success. Before I get to the point, just permit me take a moment to personally thank you for your decision to join AIOP or for your plans to join. I am not the owner nor co-owner of AIOP, and you may be wondering why then I am thanking you for joining or planning to join, worst of all if you have not joined with me as your sponsor.

I just believe that, by you being a member of AIOP, you are contributing to building and sustaining the company, a company that has brought me so much value and success to my businesses. Together we are all keeping the company alive and great. Whatever the case maybe, the AIOP platform provides enormous possibilities to build a team around it for any business and or possibly use it as a funnel for other Opportunities.

All I can say is that, AIOP is glad to have you on board as one of the members and or leaders, that has seen the vision and value AIOP can bring to your business and that of your members or partners. Of course, I cannot dictate to you how to run your business or structure your funnel, but I just want to share some of our experiences with team building in AIOP over at least 5 years, whether as a main Earning sources of as a feeder for higher ticket opportunities.

Irrespective of what kind of business you are in, retention dictates success and in over 5 years of AIOP being in business, there are 19 different teams within AIOP. Some of the teams are using AIOP as their main income stream and have built a team and marketing funnel around, while others use it as a funnel or tools to build other businesses. I contacted the AIOP support, which was so kind to provide me with these details.

AIOP has lots of standalone business building tools merged and presented as a single bundle, which can be overwhelming to exhaust. Even savvy entrepreneurs have some challenges using all the products AIOP offers. From networking with members of my AIOP Team and consulting with some leaders of other teams, the most successful teams are those that focus initially on educating their members understand and use the AIOP Business Building and Marketing tools.

When they recognize the amazing value in each business building tool, and how these tools can help them grow their businesses, they will start using them to build their businesses and you will have little to worry about retention. Strong leadership and clear focus on the goals of the team is very important. AIOP alone with all its business building tools is overwhelming enough to master, and if you mixed that up with other tools at same time, it might lead to confusion and thus give the impression that it is difficult or does not work, and this will scare the hell out of potential affiliates.

Those that use AIOP as a funnel that leads to conflicting products or un-related products tend to have more difficulties with team retention. For example: Often, it is not uncommon that we see some teams use AIOP as a funnel to promote companies offering similar products like AIOP, or at least an autoresponder system.

Those products may not bring any extra value to what people already have in AIOP or AIOP-Response autoresponder. The Affiliate Compensation plans of such Companies, as income opportunities will never earn you more money short term or long term with same number of members, like you would with AIOP.

If such pattern would be used, this would mean, for the sake of example, spending money on AIOP, Traffic Wave and GVO at same time, only to confuse the people. I really don’t see any sense or how you can simultaneously use 3 autoresponders (AIOP Response, Traffic wave and GVO) at same time, if it weren’t only about the money.

In that case, where people spend money, but fail to make money, the only solution is that they quit, and by so doing, they will not only be quitting Traffic Wave or GVO, they will also quit the AIOP team with the explanation that “it does not work”.

But if primary focus had been to enlighten members better use AIOP-Response, and all the awesome tools AIOP provides, everyone will be happy and successful. And when everyone is comfortable (using the tools and making money), gradually introduce a different program for another income stream, if you wish. Just make sure such a program is not conflicting or have similar tools.

Examples of conflicting programs that bring no extra Value to you as AIOP member may include: Traffic Wave, GVO, GDI or GNPN. This is because AIOP already has more and all the tools at a better affordable rate than any of them or all of them combined.

If your motivation in joining a company is about money, then you are setting yourself up for failure, and that applies to AIOP as well. If your motivation is the products, the value the products brings to you and you can build a business with or around the products, then just do it, money will follow.

Wish you much success with AIOP