Are You Going After The Low-Hanging Fruit?

(It's Much Easier to Pick)

We all know that the affiliate marketing world is extremely competitive.  Some have suggested that the market is saturated, meaning that there is so much competition that it has become difficult in the extreme for the affiliate marketer to generate any real degree of success. In this post, we will examine whether this is true and, if so, what steps should you be taking in the face of this reality?

Think about your primary business.  You are obviously not the only person promoting that platform online.  In fact, you will readily agree that many hundreds of people, perhaps many thousands of people, are promoting that very same platform.  All of those hundreds or perhaps thousands of people are your competitors aren’t they?  And every single one of you are advertising the platform in the hope that others will join you in that business.  Moreover, everyone is advertising using the same methods…traffic exchanges, safelists, solo ads as well as social platforms like CashJuice, MLM Gateway, Webtalk and so on.

The critical question then becomes: “what are my chances of success in the face of a very stiff level of competition?”  We all know that a very good program is going to attract people to it very quickly and, as more and more people join that business, it becomes more and more difficult for each of them to attract new people to the business because…they are all advertising the exact same thing!  Often by using the exact same splash and squeeze pages!  Hundreds or even thousands are going after the same harvest.  Meaning that the share of the crop for each keeps getting smaller and smaller.  Part of your analysis here must include the number of hours you are spending on your business and the amount of monthly income you are earning by investing those hours.  Are you working for fifty cents an hour?  If so, …why not go after “low hanging fruit?”

In other words, why not focus your marketing efforts on people who are actively looking for what you have to offer?  To illustrate what I mean, I came across a young lady recently on the Wealthy Affiliate website who created a website that she devotes to photography.  This young lady has translated her love for photography into a money-making website.  In her blog posts, she explains the various settings on a camera and how to use those setting to achieve particular effects.  She illustrates her points with well-placed images.  Throughout her blog posts, she uses various keywords that will rank her content in the search engines.  In so doing, she attracts countless other camera enthusiasts to her site.  At the same time, she is establishing herself as an expert in her field and the people that are attracted to her site will come to know, like and trust her.   Those same people will visit her site over and over and over again as she continues to post new content.  Is it any wonder that those same people will be willing to buy from her the products she promotes on her site?  This is what I mean by ‘low hanging fruit’.  This young lady has learned how to use her website and blog posts to generate traffic to her website.  This is called organic traffic.

So for the young lady in the aforementioned example, instead of clicking her fingers numb on traffic exchanges and safelists day after day with little or no results, she has learned how to generate loads of free, organic traffic using the secrets of search engine optimization.  Wouldn’t it be wise for you to consider doing the exact same thing?  It’s not as hard as you might think.  Make life easier and more profitable.  Take the time to learn the secrets.  You’ll be ever so glad you did.  Just click on the link below to find out how.