Avazoo Communication Resource Center (AvazooCRC) is the place to hangout for those that love helping others.

If you love helping others, the Avazoo Communication Resource Center (AvazooCRC) is for you.

Welcome to the “AvazooCRC”, the Exclusive Avazoo Communication Resource Center.

The AvazooCRC (Communication Resource Center) is an exclusive community that has been created for Avazoo Raffle Ticket holders or Avazoo VIP Executive members, as a main channel of communication for all participants in the Billion Dollar Raffle.

This multifaceted platform is not only a resource for all things Avazoo, but also a place where all can come together and grow as a community with a common passion for those who have come together to participate in raising over $3.5 Billion Dollars for charity, through spreading the good news of the World’s First Billion Dollar Raffle!


The Family of Avazoo is so excited about revolutionizing philanthropy with the methodology of our game, that we want to connect with each and every raffle participant as we grow the Avazoo Community with you!  In fact, all of our employees, including our tech team, the marketing gurus, the legal eagles and even our executive management team, calls the CRC Home, and welcomes you with arms wide open!

Whether you have questions about how our different programs work, have a great idea about how to promote the Billion Dollar Raffle, or if you just want to get to know us a little more, you’ll know where to find us!  The CRC is a great place to network and to enjoy the excitement of this unique opportunity with fellow players just like yourself. Here, you can share tips and tricks (and pick up a few from the Avazoo team as well), learn how you can earn more free entries, and meet new friends from all around the world.

Oh yeah! You’ll love the Extra Benefits!!  We are beyond happy to say that our Avazoo CRC also includes major time and money saving benefits to help you Grow Your Team with Digital Marketing and Automation!  Including but not limited to Ready Made Webpages, Done-For-You Funnels, Automated Emails, Automated Webinars, Lead Management CRM, SEO Tools, Analytics, Heat Maps and Multiple templates.

To access the AvazooCRC, you have to be a member of Avazoo, then use same log in credentials to access AvazooCRC. If you are not yet a member of Avazoo yet, click here now for details on how to join.

We suggest you take a few moments to click on each Tab in our AvazooCRC so you do not miss anything!

“NEWS DESK” This Tab is where Avazoo shares important announcements and news items about Avazoo, our Billion Dollar Raffle, the Mobile Apps, the CRC, and more.

“BE IN THE KNOW” – This Tab is where we connect with each other and other members, share positive encouraging posts and personal achievements as Players Earn Free Ambassador and Free Influencer Tickets, Gain Free Entries and so much More, as we grow our Avazoo Family.  The goal is that as we do this, we will motivate others to gain the same successes! Remember, when anyone who signs up through your referral link becomes a Winner of the top prizes in the Billion Dollar Raffle, you win Big Money too!

“GET HELP” – This Tab takes you to our Member Help Groups where you can join in or create new Discussions for Technical Support with the Mobile App, the Dashboard and General Questions. Both our Staff and Members use these Groups to help you through any issues you may encounter. You can also help others in the same way through these Groups.

“COMMUNITY” – This Tab is where you can create and/or join Personalized Groups to connect and share with other Members who have common interests.

“YOU MUST” – This Tab provides details regarding the necessary requirements for your KYC’s, the Ambassador Program, the Influencer Program, etc.

“FAQ” – This Tab provides answers to Commonly Asked Questions.

“ARE WE REAL” – This Tab links you to an array of links that are currently online about Avazoo and the Billion Dollar raffle. With over a Decade of Preparations, there is a lot credibility online.

“RESOURCES” – This Tab provides access to Free Resources.

“TOP SUPPORTERS” – This Tab gives you access to our Top Supporters.

Remember, this social environment was created just for YOU!  Let’s get to know each other and help each other, not just to get more free entries towards winning the largest cash prize in history, but to make a true and positive change in this world. Together we can achieve so much more!

God Bless and we hope to see you in the Winning Line!