Avazoo’s Billion Dollar Raffle Entry Level 1 – Avazoo Beginner and Most Affordable Level!

ENTRY LEVEL 1 – Beginner Our Most Affordable Level!

ENTRY LEVEL 1 – Beginner
Our Most Affordable Level!

Avazoo’s most affordable level is intended for the person with a limited budget and costs ONLY $20. With this level, you will receive a single-entry number and the ability to earn UNLIMITED ADDITIONAL FREE ENTRIES! However, you will NOT qualify for any of the bonus prize drawings and will NOT be qualified to enter the D-DAY RAFFLE DRAWING, where the GRAND PRIZE is 5 BILLION DOLLARS!

COST:  $20 for 1 single entry number.
PROS: This is our most affordable entry-level price point.
You can earn additional free entries through the Avazoo App.
CONS: You do not qualify for bonus prizes.
You do not qualify to enter the D-Day 5 Billion Dollar Raffle Drawing.
Hurry! There are only 5 million tickets available at this level.

If you decide that this is the right level for you, then you’d better HURRY AND JOIN. There are only 5 MILLION, ENTRY LEVEL 1, BEGINNER MEMBER tickets allotted out of the 50 million available and are sold on a first come, first served basis.

As you can see, this level is a FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY for people of just about ANY income level. If you CAN comfortably afford it, though, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to enter the Billion Dollar Raffle at the next level or higher, so that you can qualify to win MONTHLY BONUS PRIZES that do NOT reduce the number of entries you have to win cash prizes.

That’s right! These are BONUSES, with every entry still available to win the ONE BILLION DOLLAR GRAND PRIZE! Better yet, join at our MOST POPULAR ENTRY, VIP MEMBER, LEVEL 3, priced at an affordable $100 to qualify for the 5 BILLION DOLLAR D-DAY RAFFLE DRAWING! Please view the terms & conditions for D-Day Raffle qualifications.

IT’S A NO BRAINER! If you can comfortably afford it, enter at Entry Level 3.

D-Day 5 Billion Dollar Raffle!

Every 12th raffle, there will be a much bigger grand prize. A percentage of each raffle is held in a 3rd party escrow account for the big 12th raffle jackpot. Don’t miss being entered into the D-Day raffle drawing, where the Grand Prize is 5 Billion Dollars!

Many people spend HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS to play in lotteries that offer prizes a fraction of the size when compared to our BILLION DOLLAR GRAND PRIZE. If you are one of these people, why not instead, enter at the VIP MEMBER, LEVEL 3 for only $100 so you can qualify to be entered into the D-DAY 5 BILLION DOLLAR DRAWING!

Today maybe your lucky day! Avazoo is offering for a very limited time FREE $100 VIP Executive Raffle Tickets into the Billion Dollar raffle. Click here now to check if the offer for Free Avazoo Raffle tickets is still available.

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