Blast It Ads, FFA’s And Your Ad to Millions

do you really can blast?

What you are NOT told is that these free for all sites (called FFA’s) simply place your ad on some buried low value website page by a bot and your ad will NEVER be seen by anyone.

Sure your ad will be either sent to or posted to millions of these kinds of sites – yet if no human ever sees these ads . . . what good are they?

People set up these kinds of sites for one reason; to be able to send you SPAM!

When you sign up to have your ad posted you agree to receive email notifications about your ad status, which seems reasonable.

Marketers will send you repeated confirmations about your ad (your ad is live, your ad is now on page 5 please bump it up back to page 1, your ad is no longer showing please refresh your ad) and of course promote all kinds of crap to you in the process with riders on the emails they send you.

You can expect OCEANS of spam mail and remember most of these ads eventually roll off these sites so you will need to re post over and over. Still what is the use? If only bots (and maybe you) see your ad what good is it? FFA’s (free for all sites) have no value to you UNLESS you own one and turn the tables on these gurus.

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