Blogging With Aiop Press

So as you have already noted I am using the Aiop Press as my blogging platform.

Aiop Press is a part of the AIOP (All In One Profits) platform that includes autoresponder, splash and opt-in pages, tracking, hosting, aiop press, as well as a very favorable affiliate program with an even-up structure, plus some additional extras.

Now to take full advantage of the Aiop Press blogging then having a Pro Level account is necessary, since the Basic Level is a bit limited for this particular tool in the AIOP toolkit.

So what are the upside and the downside of using this blogging platform.

Now to begin with the upside, the first very notable point is that you do not have to host your own blog, as I said in a previous post my wordpress blog got hacked. I don’t know exactly why that happend, but it did. And that’s kind of the point, even though I had gone to some length to give it above basic protection, it still got hacked. It happens, and by using Aiop Press that is something I no longer have to worry about since AIOP is taking care of that for me, let them worry about it instead.

The next upside is that it has very good SEO, both when it comes to the tools for using keywords, Google ranking, and also when it comes to the platform itself. Aiop Press is like a blogging platform and a social media combined, your post will show up along with every other post in it’s category and on the post pages. It also shows them according to how new they are and how good they are ranked, yes Aiop Press has a voting system for the posts.

They also incorporates Disqus comments, so you can have a conversation with your readers, just remember to subscribe to the comments for each post that you do, since it is using AIOP’s Disqus account to generate the comment field and therefore you have to do that manually.

And since this is AIOP we are talking about, it is also very closely linked to their autoresponder service, just create a new list and put your “Campaign ID” in the appropriate field in you blog settings, and you are now building a list. Then every time you make a new blogpost you just send out a broadcast message to your subscribers linking to your blogpost. If you want to sign up to mine, just use the form in the sidebar.

So are there any downsides?

Well kind of, but very small and easy to work around. The first downside is that you are not hosting it yourself, and therefore you can not use your own domain name for the blog. But as you might know AIOP also includes a hosting account, so what I have done is to just have my own domain on a static website and just link to my blog from there, my site is called “Paid Action Profits“.

The next thing is that it is only blogging, no pages, but like the point above it is easy to have pages on a static website using the Aiop Hosting account.

As far as downsides goes, that’s about it.

The only other thing to say about the Aiop Press blogging is the featured image, it’s important to have one since that is the first thing anyone will see. I am still experimenting a bit to get the right size of the image for all platforms, I’m not entirely there yet but it is evolving. I use Gimp to create my images, maybe a bit overkill for creating these images but I know how it works and I always feel that any other tool is lacking in features, plus it’s free.

Apart from sharing my posts with my list I also share it on Facebook, Twitter and CashJuice.


So this is it for today, now I am just going to complete some surveys, surf for credits a bit and check my campaigns.

Have a great day!


Erik Gustafsson