Building an Online Business As The Viable Alternative To 9-5 Job


Working according to another man’s timetable could be tiring and frustrating.

Irrespective of the office you hold, you are expected to be at your desk at the exact time and on specific days of the week no matter what, you are expected at your desk at certain hours throughout the week when you work for a company out in the brick and mortar world.

The company that you work for basically owns your time during work hours. No time for family appointments, no time to do those things you love.

With a bit of research, ideas, and patience, people eventually find the right business model, which may have a direct positive impact on their financial results and by extension their life!


The options and the possibilities are unlimited. Either is a part-time business, a full-time business, a business based on your hobbies, passions or interests, a registered business of your own, or as an affiliate or a network marketing business, the possibilities are unlimited and real.

With the growth of super devices to access the internet these days and with the exponential growth of global e-commerce exceeding well over $1.6 trillion in revenue on a yearly basis when it’s proven statistically that over 22% of the figure is actually driven by affiliate market, so it’s only clever for online entrepreneurs to take advantage of this goldmine if you have not started yet.

Presently, online marketing has magnificently developed to a higher level which now involves a combination of many tools a business can use for sales growth irrespective of whether the business is based fully online, relatively online or fully based offline. Internet marketing is now completely unrestricted and it can’t be fully said that it is strictly needed for success but despite this, the larger percentage of online marketers are still struggling online because they are not using the right marketing web tools, techniques, and strategies to succeed in this space.

Truth is that in your first year in any online business you have to be restless,  learning, educate yourself planning your business, set your scope, think where you want to be in one year and follow certain steps.

Here are some basic steps you don`t want to miss when building your business:

The 5 Basics for Building an Online Business That Actually Makes Money