Dream Big Dreams

There is no magic in ssmall dreams.

Without the proper tools you will not succeed in your Internet business ventures.  That’s a guarantee!

A carpenter can’t build a house without a hammer and nails.  It’s just that simple.

If you don’t acquire the proper tools for your Internet marketing business, you’re not going to succeed.  Period.

So, what tools do you need?

Tool #1 – A Website…

You may have heard it before, but until you get your own web site, you will not have very much success with your marketing efforts.

The number one reason you need to get your own web site is so you can brand yourself.  Branding allows you to become known around the Internet.  It gives you a unique personality on the Internet and sets you apart from the millions of others out there.


Tool #2 – An Autoresponder…

“The money is in the list.”  You’ve probably heard it a million times.  If you don’t have an autoresponder, you will not be able to build and maintain a list of any significant size.

I use and recommend All In One Profits. (More on that later).  Check them out here:  https://aioptk.com/1cfq

An autoresponder is basically a service that will allow you to email your leads on a scheduled or on-demand basis.  A good autoresponder service will allow you to create a series of emails to start sending your subscribers immediately.  This is useful to create an e-course or to set up a series of emails that will allow you to automatically sell your own or affiliate products over time.  You should also be able to send out a broadcast email on-demand to your list using your autoresponder service.  This will allow you to promote the latest affiliate promotions to your list as they come out.

The number one reason to use an autoresponder is that it allows you to build a relationship with your subscribers.

Developing a relationship is very important in your Internet Marketing efforts.  How many times have you received a promotion for some new product, and waited to see if you receive the same promotion from a specific marketer you like?  I’ve done that a number of times, if for nothing more than to be loyal to a friend.  I’ve even passed over some incredible bonuses to purchase through the link of a friend!

So, you need an autoresponder in order to build a relationship with your list.  The better the relationship the more sales you’ll make.

Bottom line, you need to build a relationship with your list, and you make offers to them to make an income.