E-Commerce = Happy Shoppers and Profitable Affiliates

Home shopping is a win-win-win industry.

The latest estimates state that about 22% of the population in the World make purchases online. That’s more than one and a half billion folks. The same stats believe that by 2021 the numbers of online shoppers will grow to over 2.2 billion. These numbers are huge.

It stands to reason that the number of merchants selling products online is also growing. In turn, this creates a third segment of interested people that are in the middle and called affiliates.

E-Commerce sales are roughly 12% of all retail sales combined and this creates joy for all three interested parties. Vendors, customers, and affiliates are working as a team with goals that are easily achieved from the comfort of home.

The only unhappy campers out there sell products in brick and mortar, physical stores. Not much good news for them because it seems that 65% of in-store shoppers are comparing online product prices on their handy dandy mobile phones while strolling the aisles.

Survival of the fittest I suppose. The big-box stores ate up most mom and pop stores at one point and this could be considered a form of what goes around, comes around. One main advantage of Internet shopping over the physical stores is impossible to overcome – open 24 hours year round.



Header photo courtesy of multichannelmerchant.