Elevate Pass

Elevate Pass Passive Income From Advertising and Crypto Trading.

What is Elevate Pass?

Elevate Pass is an Advertising Platform that introduces and focuses on a low-cost advertising opportunity to
promote your products and services to an audience that is firmly based around the cryptocurrency, and decentralized finance niche.

The company offers as an incentive to help grow the company’s global presence a way to create a
lasting passive income from as little as $10 for the purchase of advertising credits.

Elevate Pass offers up to a 3% weekly CashBack incentive for buying advertising credit units.
The company utilizes an ongoing relationship with a team of cryptocurrency traders and through AI Trading technology
to generate profits that can be rewarded back to members in the form of a cashback share of the profits generated by the trading team.

Quite interesting right? Now you can be part of something truly BIG:

⁃ Management, a very with real people, a very transparent team.
⁃ With years of experience in cryptocurrency and network marketing.
⁃ Buy ad packs starting with $10 only. ⁃ Receive up to 3% rewards weekly.
⁃ Very competitive compensation plan. ⁃ Very lucrative career system.
⁃ 2 x 22 matrix that can fit more than 8M members. Earn from over & under spill.
⁃ Get a 10% direct referral bonus and 1,8% from all your matrix member’s purchases.
⁃ Join the Elevate Pass Foundation and support children all over the world.

How to start:
Join me here now and start earning weekly passive income, starting from next Wednesday!

Build your Elevate Pass Team and your list the easy way…

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