Elon Musk

Elon Musk is probably the most charismatic among the great minds and successful people,  and is not just charisma but brains too. And what makes him remarkable among the  successful entrepreneurs pack is the sincerity  when he openly discusses his fears and failures, his passion for sience and technology.

But “Elon Musk” is not just about his latests developments,  building electric cars and  space travel, aiming travels to Mars. Apart of being the Paypal guy founder, he is probably the greatest overachiever in the world. His businesses, products, interests and achievments covering a complete range of total different products, niches, life avenues.

Elon Musk succeeded and keeps doing the same strategy over and over, using some advertising(mostly free) hacks to transforming very small advertising budgets into impressive marketing machines, based on his 7 known marketing strategies, you can use too:

  1. Using the media to his advantage
  2. Self promoting like crazy
  3. Challengeing the status quo
  4. Brings people along for the ride with him
  5. Hypes products before they’re launched
  6. Turns customers into advocates
  7. Helps his competitors

For a full analysis of Elon’s seven marketing strategy, check out this article: