FAST TRACK. 3 Kick-Ass Ways To Make Money In This Business

Don't You Like Sponsoring People To Businesses? FAST TRACK Will Blow Your Mind...

In a previous post called “FAST TRACK – Fast Way To Start Getting Profits From a Cryptocurrency Market” I wrote a little bit about FAST TRACK project, but I didn’t give you details about ways how to make money on that platform… so now is the time to do that.

The best thing in the FAST TRACK business is that this is a place for people who like sponsoring, building their teams etc. as well as for people who don’t like it, who hate that… who are looking for only passive ways to make money online!

I personally build teams from years, sponsor people to businesses which I like, support those companies etc., but sometimes I also feel that I am exhausted. There is a lot of work when you build your team and you must spend a lot of time to learn that concrete business, to be in touch with owners and comunicate all changes to your team, to teach your team how to duplicate your actions, to create many different materials, ad campaigns etc.
There is lots of work and you must spend a lot of time on it… and that’s the truth about network marketing.

…and that’s a reason why I’m looking for more and more often passive income sources (now I have – one of them is FAST TRACK).
Money should work for us, not we for them (like most people do around the world)!

…So What Are The 3 Ways Of Making Money In FAST TRACK?

1) For people who like sponsoring – it is a marketing plan based on 6 education packages which gives you a possibility to make commissions up to 10 levels deep! On the first level you can make commissions up to 12% (it depends on which packages you personally purchased).

More details you will see in a video presentation…

2) PASSIVE CONTRACTS (for people who love freedom…) – members of FAST TRACK who purchased education package “BUSINESS” or higher ones, can also purchase “passive contracts” from 50 IED ($50) up to 100 000 IED ($100 000). Those contracts give us from 0.6% up to 1% passive revenue every single day!

The interest rate depends on education packages which we purchased before.
When we have a BUSINESS package, then we get up to 0.6% passive revenue daily by 180 days from money spent on that package and from each passive contract which we will purchase.
When we have a PROFESSIONAL package, then we get up to 0.8% passive revenue daily by 150 days from money spent on that package and from each passive contract which we will purchase.
When we have an ULTIMATE package, then we get up to 1% passive revenue daily by 120 days from money spent on that package and 1% daily from each passive contracts which we will purchase.

That’s the way to sleep and make money 🙂 without any work!
…and that’s not all.

3) FT-Bot stock exchange tool!

This is a second really cool way for people who don’t want to spend to much time on marketing actions to make money… and to make money in a “passive” way thanks FAST TRACK.

When you purchase education packages up to BUSINESS (or higher packages), you get an access to FT-Bot tool which you can use on a cryptocurrency exchanges for trading. It looks this way that you set up this tool once and it starts working (trading) for you on your account!
…so you don’t entrust any money in this case to company. FT-Bot is connected with your account on the cryptocurrency exchange via API key and FAST TRACK’s owners etc. have no access to your money, to your account on the exchange etc.

FT-Bot tool is created in this way that does not generate any losses on cryptocurrency exchanges (if you will set it up according to instructions given by the company). 

More information about theese 3 ways how to make money in FAST TRACK, you can see in this short video presentation:

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