Free yourself from remembering passwords.

Create and manage passwords securely

Today I want to write about a great tool that will free you from remembering passwords. I use it for myself and it is a great help and time saver when it comes to creating and managing passwords securely.

The name of the tool is LastPass and it is a password manager that let you store your passwords for any site or app.

No need to remember multiple passwords, you just have to rememeber your master password, and LastPass will do the rest.

Stop remembering passwords and start adding them to LastPass. Go to a site you frequently use and click the LastPass icon in the login fields. Click “Save Site”. That’s it.

It also will help you to get out of the habit to use the same password for different websites because it easily let you create passwords and store it in your vault.

The passwords are stored on your computer and are enconded with use of your master-password. The Master-password and the key to decode are never send to LastPass and can not be retrieved by LastPass..

Install LastPass on any browsers or computers you use. Your account is automatically synced everywhere you log in.

There are a lot more functions. Find out more on their website where you can download a free version.

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