Greatest Launch of 2019 and beyond, do not miss!

The biggest launch of 2019 is almost here, even rabbits in the deepest rabbit holes will hear about this one - you do not want to miss out on this one!

Well now, actually still in Pre-Launch, hence the greatest time to get in.

From the creators of PaidVerts, I am extremely excited to talk to you about the launching of PTCshare. PTCshare has decided for a prelaunch period, which is now open and ongoing. This is meant to give everyone a chance to join and build up their Income teams, if they so choose.

It is a 100% to join and earn opportunity, just like it is the case with PAIDVERTS, but with more earning and advertising power. All the experience they have gathered from successfully running PaidVerts for years have all been vested in PTCshare.

Join today and start spreading the word, so that when they launch, you will be all set to start earning from day one.

What PTCshare is about

PTCshare comes from the creators of PaidVerts, one of the biggest and longest running PTCs and revenue shares in the industry! I have been a regular and satisfied user of PaidVerts, which is however, still going strong.

The creators of PaidVerts have decided to take many lessons from running it all these years and create an even better product, allowing you to earn more and also give advertisers a simpler experience at getting their message across effectively.

In short, PTCshare is designed as a fully sustainable system, that allows PTC users to earn more as well as being a great way to build your income via referring or growing your value with purchasing more ad packs.

It will have a ton of qualitative advertising options, as well as allow all users to earn for free from many sources. On top of that you will also be able to buy Bulk Ad Packs, where for each $1 purchase you will get 118% potential return in Bonus Ad Points.

Especially, soon after launch, it is expected that a lot of big value ads will go out to earn from. Referral commission will be 7% on ALL ad sales and 3% on all ad views from your referrals, so referring will be extremely profitable here.

You are very lucky to be reading this now and can get ahead of others, before the news goes viral.

Click here NOW to register for PTCshare.

Welcome to PTCshare. Wish you much fun and happiness making money for free, or advertising your other businesses.


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