Hashing Ad Space Advertising Platform

Advertise and earn Asimi currency with Hashing Ad Space Advertising Platform!

Luke Millard’s Hashing Ad Space is a digital business platform that offers ‘valuable’ advertising and potentially a large cryptocurrency income to earn from according to their website and representatives. Upon seeing their various presentations, the platform’s key pillars are ‘transparency and value’.. thus making it a dependable business you can rely on. Of course, this is the marketing material that most will have heard if searching for this ‘earn crypto’ pre-launch referral business.

Watching their videos they say the platform is also concerned about everybody’s success since it always has something to offer, however difficult the situation may seem.

The opportunity and system attract members of a common interest especially those of home-based businesses. It attracts leads for either growing their business or simply earning from watching ads. With this in mind, the platform is aware of the member’s interest such as making money online offers, affiliate offers, tools, resources, training for online business, and cryptocurrency.

The ‘crypto minting system’ is, therefore, a sincerely unique one and intends to keep growing annually. This seems to be the focal point of a growing community of Hashing Ad Space. The CEO is Luke Millard from Australia and has a history in internet marketing deals.

How This Crypto Mining Ad Space Works
The Advertising System
Interested members can purchase ‘Advertising Packages’ and have their websites displayed to other members on the platform. In addition, interested members have a range of Advertising Block to choose from. The Advertising Blocks, which are bought at $20 each, include Login Ads, Banner Ads, and Ad Minter.

Once the members set up their campaigns, the platform does the rest. The platform also delivers views from qualified buyers to the websites of members within their unique Ad Minting platform.

Why An Advertising Platform?
The platform is equipped with advertising features that are work proven. The features include Traffic Exchange, Login Ads, and Banner Ads. Besides, a countdown timer guarantees viewer retention. To improve their advertising results, the platform avails advertising statistics, A/B testing software, and geographical targeting to users.

Such type of advertising is one of the most effective paid advertising online. The “Minter contribution model” in the platform helps to connect with an audience of qualified, motivated, happy online-business entrepreneurs both domestically and globally.

What “Minting” Means On The Platform
Minting is what makes the Hashing Ad Space unique. It is the act of bringing new tokens into existence (market place). In that regard, members get paid for watching ads.

The act of watching ads “mint” cryptocurrency tokens daily. There is a cryptocurrency called “Asimi” that is minted on Hashing Ad Space.

The members who watch ads on the platform each day stand a chance of being awarded Asimi coin. Every other ad watched stands an equal share of Asimi. Therefore, the more ads a member watches each day, the greater their share in Asimi on that particular day. This is deposited directly into their wallet.

Members can mint 1 ad each day and can increase their minting ability through purchasing minting package in the platform. Each minting package costs $100 and is purchased in Asimi, 100% of which is returned over 365 days. It is, therefore, essentially free to own up.

How The New Token Works
The token is called Asimi and it will be the only payment method on Hashing Ad Space. It will be used in all advertising purchases, earnings, and withdrawals. Asimi lacks an ICO. It is simply bought for the use of advertising on an open exchange.

It is available in the open Exchange-Waves—where Asimi holders easily and quickly send, receive or exchange it for ETH, USD, BTC, and EURO without restrictions.

We will research the compensation plan as more becomes available.

The crypto space is notorious for having ahead-of-the-curve schemes where those interested buy into X only to get Y and $Y drops and $X doubles. The key to these things is to know what you are getting into from the jump. These multi-level marketing models are likely up to the leadership as well as the market conditions when it comes to any bitcoin mining, trading or referral based opportunity. We are not here to give investment advice in the slightest regarding Hashing Ad Space, risks should be always be calculated into any ‘biz-opp’ that has been brewing for 10 months and is now available for another new-ad pack offer according to its creator.