How To Best Live Your Golden Years

5 Common Myths About Aging

As we age, we find that some activities and physical ailments tend to come to the surface more frequently.

Perhaps we convince ourselves that the older we are, the less we can do.

However, the truth of the statement is quite the opposite.

Now is the time to have a good understanding of what is factual and what statements are misleading.

• Myth #1:

Exercise is not safe for older adults —

While this is assumed by many, the opposite is factual.

Studies showed that lack of physical exercise,

among other factors,

increases the risk of obesity,

heart disease, and


And further visits and hospitalizations will result.

Dr. Jeffrey Rhoades conducted a study on how often adults over the age of 65 were exercising and how often.

The conclusion showed that almost fifty percent (46.3) of adults

over the age of 65 still engaged in some form of exercise,

three times a week for thirty minutes.

The American Senior Communities reported that just walking alone has the following benefits for seniors:

o Improves heart health.

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