How to Earn $6.50 daily for free With Minebase

Earn $6.25 PER DAY Free With MINEBASE

Yes, $6.50 daily does not look like it is much,

but it cost you nothing to earn it.
In some countries, $6.50 is someone´s monthly income.

Besides, $6.50 daily amounts to $195 a monthly.
Except that you are earning more monthly elsewhere,
I will highly recommend you sop not miss this.

Well, it is your choice, take it or leave it.
I am currently earning it daily, and if you wish,
this is how you can be earning it too.

Use the link below to create your free account.

1. Register at:
2. Confirm your received email and 
update your security settings 
3. Click on Wallet – Activate (Generate Wallet Addresses).
You will start earning money. Come back after 25 hours
4. Click on “CTP”, then on “Period of Time”
5. Copy and submit the code you see to receive your first $6.50.
7. Repeat STEPS 4 and 5 daily to grow your earnings.

Your only job will be to submit daily a generated code
which will be presented to you to claim your $6.50

Withdrawal is possible after having submitted 20 codes ($130).
With this withdrawal, you could purchase your
Cryptex DeFi Hybrid contract.

But there is more money to make.
Think about all the other people who also suffer
financially in these times and let them know
the minebase way to earn more money without investing.

You will receive 10% of their earnings as a bonus.
10% is $0.65 for each person.

Do you know 10 people? Your reward will be another $6.50 a day.
Now, you will earn $390 a month instead of $195

Of course, if you know more people,
your earnings have no limits.