How to get traffic?

Making online business successful is not this simple – no matter, what some gurus might tell you. They simply want to sell their system.

Again: How to get traffic? A website without traffic is like a sailing ship without wind.

And only traffic will make you earn. There are several ways of getting traffic. But anyway – it has to be good one. There is no use to click or buy cheap hits. They won’t come into your system or buy your offer. If they exist at all as real persons.

Traffic from human beings is heart of your business. From those people, who are eager to buy the products you offer. One of he best kown opportunities are traffic exchanges (TE). I will give you some tipps lateron.

The first step

But first of all you should use one tool: HitsConnect. It is free to use und allows you to install a rotator and track the hits on your links in it.

Here you can sign up:

So you are able to see, which Traffic Exchance or safelist converts good and which one does not.

Cause that is the most important thing: To see, which TE delivers the most unique hits. Those hits, which don’t come frome an bot.

So you can decide, to surf the good TE and spare your time in the bad ones.

Beside that, you surely get a rotator and a tracking system in most of the TEs.

I use to have my main TEs (five or six I surf every day) and others I use seldom.

If you look at TEs, it is important to get the most out of your efforts. That means the best combination of the time that runs after your click until the next icon appears. The faster it is the more credits you’ll get. The fast ones usually pay you only 0.33 credits or 0.5 credits per click. If you use the fast one, you should spend the time surfing. If you do somthing elso and come back after five minutes, there is no advantage in the fast ones.

The other important fact is the audience. It is a big difference, if a TE has 5000 members or 50000. The more members, the more people will see your ad.

The TEs

My advice: Test some TEs and safelists. First of all you must like them, the look & feel, cause you spend a lot of time with them. If you have the right ones together, concentrate on them. You can use all the rest from time to time – a good idea, cause your offer will be new to the surfers in theses TEs. It’s no mistake, if you are member in a lot of TEs – it doesn’t cost you anything.

My favorite TE – EasyHits4u.

It has 1,642,717 members in July 2020, 1:1 exchange ratio, a lot of boni and offers and a perfect support line. And it converts big. If you upgrade, you get a lot of advantages for your money, even a ref every week.

TrafficG looks very humble – no big voodoo anyway, but straight and easy to use, unspectacular 1 credit with every click, a stunning banner exchange and good conversion – you get a lot of clicks on your link. With your upgrade you get free refs too.

The third big Player is Traffic Ad Bar – with an unsual way to make your sites a little bit more known.

Soon I will list some more TEs here.

With these three TWs you will cross the ocean. The most important thing is, to surf every day at least 200 sites per TE. More is better.

Now I’ll introduce another nice little winner: Rotatortraffic.

After you have surfed 25 sites, you can claim the surfer rewards – so you will get one day professionell for the whole day. More credits and other good donations.
You too get some interessing eBook about online marketing.
You may enter it for free.

And never, never NEVER give up! TEs are easy to use, but most members want to sell products, not to buy them. So you might have to surf some time until you get your first ref/customer. Keep on surfin!

If you want to have great tools for your marketring and a Team which lifts you up,

you should try this. You’ll be amazed!

See you soon,