I Got Hacked


So as the title said my WordPress site that I hosted on AIOP got hacked.

Those things happen.

I did secure the login page with both Google reCaptcha and Limit login, plus I had a really long randomly generated password, so I feel it is unlikely that they got in with a brute force attack. But anyway, there are so many other ways to hack your way in to a wordpress site apart from that, so these things just happen from time to time.

But this is also kind of the point. WordPress is insecure by design, and to secure it beyond the basics there are a very vast amount of work to do, or it will cost you a lot of money to have someone elso or a company do it for you, like the top premium plugins that cost $50 or $100 per month or more.

And even then it just takes another zero-day attack and you are still wide open.

So therefore I feel that, even given the fact that I do have backups on everything, worpress is just not worth it anymore, it’s too much work and too insecure to do this anymore. Just let someone else worry about that and let me worry about creating content.

Instead this is what I am going to do.

Since AIOP have created this blogging platform, AIOP press, I will just use that as my blog and put up a static website instead of wordpress.

The website will be simple to do, just some html and javascript, and featuring the basic strategy of what I do online and the ebooks and stuff that I promote, plus a link back to this blog of course.

I still have not decided if I am going to code it myself from scratch or if I will use GoHugo with a premade template to generate the site, but as for now the site is deleted and you will see a new post here when it is ready.



Erik Gustafsson