I Spent Over $10 000 On FAST TRACK’s Solutions And Achieved Over $147 Daily Passive Revenue In a Short Period Of Time…

Our IE8 TEAM counts 83 members today and grows up every single week.

FAST TRACK educational and sales platform has started (in prelunch phase) on 20-th of February 2019 and I also started my cooperation with company around this project immediately.

What has changed on the FAST TRACK platform and in my business from that time?

The truth is that when we started cooperation with FAST TRACK – there was almost nothing in a prelunch phase. We had only the promise that company will start with interesting solutions etc., but we had no any guarantee that they will really do that.
…but they did.

FAST TRACK is growing up now. Many things has changed on that plaform from February 2019.
There are more and more educational products (very valuable for people who don’t know cryptocurrency market, blockchain technology, who have no idea how to make money on trading… and who would like to start making money thanks this market) and useful functions.

From the end of April, we have a possibility to buy education packages and passive contracts on FAST TRACK’s platform using earned money on that platform, what has a big potential, because we don’t loose our money on transaction fees (to withdraw our earnings and purchase products transfering money from BTC wallet)… So for example if you purchased all education packages and you purchase passive contracts after that – they will give you 1% passive daily revenue by 120 days (20% profit in 120 days)… and now when you have minimum 50 IED (USD) earnings on your FAST TRACK’s account, you can purchase a new passive contract which will give you also 1% daily by 120 days… and so on.

Education on FAST TRACK platform in opinion is worth a lot, because all courses, webinars, technical analysis, crypto news etc. are prepared by a trader who has about 70% effectiveness in trading!

IE8 TEAM and me in FAST TRACK…

In this moment we have 83 people in our IE8 TEAM which we build.

I spent over $10 000 on education packages and passive contracts in FAST TRACK (most of course on passive contracts) and I make over 147 IED (=over $147) daily passive revenue… and it grows up day by day…

There will be the first FAST TRACK‘s event on 25-th of May in Poland (in Łódź) created by company owners.

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