InFace Invest Group

The company InFace Invest Group was founded on the 16th of March 2000 and deals with building

 – an online business and social community through the model of franchising investing in the education,
 – creation and development of IT companies, integrating your business with our portal,
 – integrating the SFT21 system into your business,
 – researching internet businesses,
 – introducing innovations in marketing,
 – web apps, design, DevOps, development of mobile applications, infrastructural solutions,
 – creating new formulas in the IT business,
 – developing binary trees (binary matrixes)
 – developing processors for payments,
 – developing crypto-currencies, social networks and online services, games…
 – investments and much more…

Created as products of the InFace Invest Group company’s successful work are:

IT Programme department named Semper Fidelis Team

IT Educational department named InFace University

That’s us – InFace Invest Group Ltd!

InFace Invest Group Ltd – a company dedicated to your success!


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We hire experienced and less experienced cadres. Experienced cadres who are ready for teamwork and business progress, as well as providing practical help and transferring their abilities and knowledge to other less experienced cadres.

InFace University as the educational department of the company InFace Invest Group offers unlimited possibilities to physical and legal entities to start or upgrade their business through education.

Our educational department also offers the training of your employed cadre for the proper management of your business in our direction. The principle is rather simple, everything that we create for your interest, we also teach you to the extent needed for the correct leadership and management of your business.

Everything stated above gives you the opportunity of integrating your existing business or starting a completely new business concept on our portal.

Whether you have or haven’t any experience on the internet or with the IT business – it doesn’t matter, it’s not even necessary, because we are experienced.

Maybe you have an idea of what you’d do, but you don’t know how – it doesn’t matter, we’ll help you on your way and show you how to do it.

No precognition is necessary.

Necessary is the desire for success, leave everything else to us.

Access the free registration to our daily notifications and simply follow further instructions on how to register and become a business partner in our SFT21 business concept.

The entire philosophy of life is contained in two words, which are at the same time very important life decisions:

I want to, or I don’t!

Because if you want something, you can do it! But if you don’t, then you can’t!

Essentially everything is contained in the attitude and fact, whether you will decide to move forward or not.

If your decision is I WILL, then you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the company InFace Invest Group Ltd and our Semper Fidelis Team community!


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