Is Avazoo Raffle Legal?

Everything about Avazoo and the raffle had to follow all the laws of the land and be 100% legal.

Yes, Avazoo is 100% Legal and Ready to Go!

As you can imagine, creating the WORLD’S FIRST BILLION DOLLAR RAFFLE was no easy task. In fact, this has taken Avazoo over a decade of hard work, lots of no’s, dedication, faith, and perseverance. Avazoo had to make sure that they did everything correctly, staying within the laws wherever the raffle is played.

Avazoo is very happy and proud to be partnered with NCGAC Limited, and as you would see by the license and letter, if you checked it out, Basilio “Jiji” Rodriquez is also the CEO of Avazoo.

The founders were adamant about certain aspects of the raffle. They wanted to create a program that would not be perceived as gambling or cause anyone to go into debt playing.

Everything about Avazoo and the raffle had to follow all the laws of the land and be 100% legal. The raffle needed to be affordable for everyone. Every security measure would need to be taken to protect the player, the prize money, and the company. Most importantly, the raffle’s main goal had to be to raise BILLIONS OF DOLLARS for Charities and Nonprofits Worldwide.

After all these years, Avazoo has finally completed the ultimate raffle with the ultimate Grand Prize and has taken every precaution to make this secure, legal, and fun! Are you ready to join us?

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By partnering with Avazoo Worldwide, you’ll have the opportunity to be associated with the world’s largest charitable effort. You will also generate funding for your group. If you’re a church or an organization that is struggling to raise funds for your own personal cause, by partnering directly with Avazoo, you will receive a percentage from each raffle ticket sold by your organization.

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