It’s About Time

This Article Is WRITE On Time

I have always been impressed with the word “time”. Its versatility is amazing and can sometimes leave my mind boggled. Although I can tell time, I can’t tell if time is our friend or our enemy. It appears that the pesky little double agent can be both, so I am here to warn you not to turn your back on time. One minute you have time on your side and if you’re not closely paying attention, time ran out on you. Talk about a fair weather friend. Over the years I have learned how to combat the broken promises and ill effects of counting on time and your time will be well spent reading on, or will it?

Don’t ever get in a race against time because chances are you will lose. You can do your best to arrive somewhere ahead of time, just to find out that time passed you by. When did that happen? I know some time passed but I never saw it jump in front of me. A lot of us are living on borrowed time and I suppose you can acquire borrowed time from someone that has spare time. The problem with this is you won’t be able to pay back the borrowed time until you have some spare time yourself. This leads to a vicious circle that only time will heal. After all, our good friend time promises that our wounds are in good hands with it.

Time has incredible talent. Not only can time fly, it can also give the impression of standing still. This is why we have trouble letting the good times roll. Time after time, when we are enjoying ourselves, it flies. But if we are having a lousy time, it stands still. Even all the way back in 1859, Charles Dickens appears confused as he began his famous novel A Tale of Two Cities with: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Was it that hard to determine which one was accurate? It shouldn’t have been that hard for Dickens, but being evil and deceiving is the modus operandi of time. It’s about time for all of us to march ourselves to Greenwich and attack what is accurately named “Mean” time.

We have all heard that time is money. Does that mean if we waste time it will drain our bank accounts? Think about your answer, I can give you all the time in the world. If you answer wrong, I will probably make you feel better by saying: “Better luck next time.” If you think fast, you should reply: “There isn’t going to be a next time because I am not, at any time, going to be deceived by time ever again.”

Some sayings pertaining to time can have the same meaning and be a waste of time. Is there really any difference between having time on your hands or time to kill? Time supposedly has no beginning or end and will go on through infinity. I guess that completely eliminates the ever popular excuse of not having enough time. It’s also not fair that we don’t know if we are in the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time until it’s too late. I guess I’m going to just keep investing some time into biding my time until I find answers, hopefully in the nick of time. But right now, I just don’t have time for this.  


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