Leased Ad Space Will Put Eyes on Your Site

Why You Should Add Leased ad space to your traffic sources

Leased ad space is an advertising site that uses several methods for generating traffic. You can email all members to build your own email list, Generate traffic through use of the blogging platform or make use of banner and text ads. This site also generates traffic from outside their own membership base and so is a powerful addition to any traffic generation methods you currently have in place.

Leased Ad Space has recently undergone a change in ownership, so it’s reasonable to expect some new features in the very near future.

Originally Leased ad space had a multi-level compensation plan, but this was changed with more focus on gaining users who were more interested in the advertising features than the potential income…though it is still possible to build a good income through sales of the advertising features.

This site also generates traffic from outside of the membership base.

This is a feature I personally believe to be a vital component in any traffic generation program. If the traffic is only generated by incentivized members then it really doesn’t offer much value. That being said, it’s still possible to generate genuine leads and sales from such programs. I just feel that these sites are more about pushing money around than in delivering a genuine, quality, service.

I’ve been using LAS (leased ad space) since 2018 and have found it to be a great source of traffic. 

Leased ad Space states that they give members the best marketing platform to sell whatever products or services they like.

Here is what you would get from Leased ad Space as a member.

a viral traffic platform

 lifetime access to their safelist mailing system

logging advertising, this exposes your advertising to traffic coming into leased ad space. This advertising works extremely well in my experience.

Other advertising features include..

Text Ads

Banner Ads

Email Marketing/Solo ads

A Public Profile Page

A personal blog where you can post your own unique content 

AdBoard Directory

Search Engine traffic/all content is public

So you can see you get some great advertising features that will generate traffic to your website(s).

No matter whatever it is you are promoting online one thing is certain, if you don’t find a way to generate traffic then you are completely wasting your time and effort. The entire purpose of this blog is to help you overcome the problem of traffic generation.

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