Marketing Automation, Sales Funnels And More

Growing your online business won’t happen overnight.

In order to set your business on the right track, whatever that may be, you will need a website or at least a blog, landing pages or at least lead capture pages and you need to communicate with your prospects either you do that by phone, social media or  through emails, and hopefully transform them into buyers.

To fully optimize your marketing process and make more sales, you should use sales funnels, a chain of offers connecting your sales and upsell pages, while you continue to connect with your prospects, subscribers, buyers and potential buyers through emails.

You need to track your lead generation and conversion,  in order to optimize your time and your budget, especially if you are on a shoestring budget. Also, you need to the split test your marketing materials, an action that is important but also time-consuming. And money.

Bottomline, you need to reach more customers, while nurturing the relationship with your existent followers, subscribers, customers.

So if we recap, you need a series of basic tools:

  • a website or a blog, landing pages, lead capture pages and this means you need Webhosting. Even if you are on a budget you will want potential buyers of your offers to trust you, because the trust is the first thing you should offer. Using free things may be good just for a while, but you must use your own domain, website, blog, your own pages, branding you and your business. And this means that you need a web hosting.
  • an email marketing and autoresponder system. There are specialized services out there that can provide you with this tool so you don`t have to deal with a lot of legal issues which arise when you less expect.
  • tracking tools for lead generation and conversion. Tracking will help you optimize the click-through rate %  and easily split test your offers.

There are more marketing and business building tools you can use, but these described above are a must.

The Internet technology is the fastest expanding ever and is enabling businesses to reach more potential customers and engage the existing ones in a more efficient way. With the Internet technology exponential growth, the marketing methods and technology are also changing.

At the current technology speed, you must make your marketing efforts and your business more efficient and give up to the “door to door” selling style, let go the manual processes for every page and every lead and upgrade your business to the automation marketing level.

You must use Marketing Automation tools if you really want to make your life easier. You don`t have to keep spreadsheets to track your leads and sales, you don’t have to send manually a welcome email to every customer, you don`t have to follow up with every active or inactive lead or subscriber.

You can automate the tedious marketing process, automate your marketing funnels, nurturing and retaining customers automatically, and show your business to more prospects and potential customers.

Your obvious gain? Sparing time, efforts, get more sales and build your subscribers` list with ease.

The size of your business is the size of your list.

The tricky part is finding the right tools for you. Whilst you can choose some fully automated options available on the market that will run the entire business for you, these may be not for everyone, requiring huge financial efforts on your side.

On the other side, there are various options, free of charge, to automate your business,  but the real downside of the free options is that you will not brand you and your business, because the free marketing tools will always brand the tools provider, and eventually will have their ads showing on your product offer, will not build trust, they don`t have full options that would give you the freedom of building your own business the way you want, and in the end will damage your business.

What you should consider for any business you build is that you do not need to fully automate the whole process by using highly advanced marketing technologies, but just reducing the workload, sequences that you are manually processing, will have a huge positive impact on your business, your time, your efforts and overall on your life.