Monetize911 gives you $25 in FREE Stable Coins (No Cost to You)

Monetize911 [ALERT] ) Get $25 in FREE Stable Coins and more totally free and at No Cost to You

However, this is a chance to do what you could have done with Bitcoin ten years ago. And the good thing about is that you don’t have to spend a thin dime to do this!

Yes, Monetize911 Gives you $25 in FREE Stable Coins (No Cost to You), just for signing up, and that is just the beginning. Based on your actions and that’s of many others, you can get even more money, into the thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There is a new crypto token being started, which is backed by a wealthy consortium of investors. They are backing this crypto with $3.7 Trillion (that’s with a “T”!) in assets, and they want to “give” away $2 Billion of its pre-launch…sort of like a “loss-leader” that businesses offer.

Their purpose in the giveaway is simply to begin building a large base, so that they will earn transaction fees on the coins into the future. Most of the assets that are behind this new Stable Coin are fixed assets that they cannot earn reliable, ongoing and growing income on, or do anything else with. So, they are willing to give away $2 billion worth to get the ball rolling.

You are being given $25.00 in Stable Coin at absolutely no cost to you. This is being set up in a 4 x 10 matrix, so that YOU stand to gain thousands, 100’s of thousands, or who knows how much (no guarantees or promises can be made, obviously), just as the early investors in Bitcoin have done.

The man behind this is a trusted, very successful entrepreneur by the name of Leslie Wolfe. He grew up in Mason City and Des Moines, Iowa. It’s not often you can latch on to something that could be worth 100’s of 1,000’s, or even millions (NO guarantees or promises!) at NO COST… so be quick and get in early!

In 3 simple steps you can be all setup and going.


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Once you have registered you will receive a message with the subject “New user signup”. When you login you will see your $25 in your back office. You will also see your referral link. Under that you will see “News & Updates”. Click on “View All” and then click on the welcome letter link. You will see the instructions to get your $1K stimulus package at no cost by using the promo/coupon code provided.


Refer others and receive an additional $25 Stable Coin bonus for each personal referral. Each unit of Stable Coin you receive could be worth a small fortune as the project evolves.

If you had purchased $30 of Bitcoin on December 5, 2010, then the current value of that $30 purchase is about $6.8 Million (Not a misprint). You will receive this amount of Stable Coin at no cost and, if it only achieves 1/100th of the value of Bitcoin, you will still be very pleased with your decision to participate, especially if you choose to share Monetize 911 with others.


How Does the Referral Program Work? When YOU sign up for FREE, you’ll receive $25 in “stable coins.” Then, you’ll also receive an additional $25 for each person or organization you personally refer to monetize911. Furthermore, you’ll also receive an additional $5 in “stable coins,” from potentially thousands of others through our (4×10) compounding process.

REMEMBER: No one can lose because it’s free. Hope you signed up already, otherwise, signup using the link in the text above.

Wish you much success building your stable coins Portfolio.