LeadsLeap, It’s More Than “JUST” a Traffic Exchange!

What makes leadsleap so special?

The Leadsleap traffic exchange has been helping people with traffic generation since 2008 and providing an income to advertisers and potential clients alike. There have been many sites rise and fall following a similar model, so how has LeadsLeap outlasted all these other traffic exchanges?
If you would like to learn how to get free website traffic you should give serious consideration to looking into including LeadsLeap.

So What is a Traffic Exchange?

Basically a traffic exchange is (usually) a membership site where one group places advertisements in the form of banner ads or text ads and another group, though this is often the same group of people, provide traffic to other advertisers websites.

Often there is a monetary reward given to those who provide the traffic, though the ‘reward’ need not necessarily be a financial reward.

There is often a minimum number of ‘clicks’ or hits to other advertisers websites, to qualify for the reward. Sometimes there are fees payable for placing advertisements, but this is not always the case.

LeadsLeap started out pretty much like this. However many similar sites have long since vanished, often leaving members of those sites with empty pockets due to the way the sites were funded. LeadsLeap has evolved into something much more than a simple Traffic Exchange.

LeadsLeap has a free membership subscription level and a paid membership subscription level.

The features available to free members are of a high value, so easily affordable and in high demand.

If you are running on a tight budget then start with the free membership subscription.

By visiting other members websites you can soon use your earnings to upgrade to the paid subscription level and unlock more features and further increase your earning potential.

Free Membership Benefits.

Traffic to your promoted websites. (wouldn’t be much of a traffic exchange without this feature 😉 )

Autoresponder service. This is an AWESOME service and if you on a tight budget then this is something you should DEFINATELY make use of.

Hosted Page builder. Ideal for creating email capture pages or even sales pages.

Pop-up Generator. Great feature for adding more information or offers to your site visitors.

Link Tracker. This has a feature that enables you to decipher between Real, human, visitors and bot traffic.

You also get to increase your income. With the extra income you earn you could opt to upgrade to paid membership and access additional features such as…

Paid Membership Benefits.

PDF Hosting. no longer forget where your PDF files are. This is also great to tie into your lead capture system. Give away a free PDF. Host it on LeadsLeap. And watch your list begin to grow.

Image Hosting. This again will help in your page creation and lead capture

More Traffic Generation methods.

I’ve managed to generate many leads using this site and I’ve gained sales. So very worth it.

If you haven’t already added this to your traffic generation methods please click here and do so now! You won’t regret it.


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