Need a new computer, tablet, smart phone or smart watch?

Why not get your own technology store to get it at cost.

Your Technology Plus (YTP)


To join is totally FREE and you just register using the link provided.

See the short video and join with the link provided:

==> YourTechnologyPlus

Once you register as a FREE Member, you are now a customer and can purchase
at and use the registration detail to sign in at the
Check Out when paying via PayPal or PAYZA.

You can purchase at the low pricing shown which includes delivery worldwide.

To share in the company profits and earn, you need to purchase a Position (the $140
featured product)

You pay $140 in Bitcoin (about 0.019810) via CoinPay to the wallet address given –
log in and go to “Purchase Product(s)” on the left menu bar.

You take up a position and can start referring – your link is under “Promotion Center”

You can buy more than 1 position at $140, but it might be better to purchase another position
under you using your link, as you then assist the same position and expedite the cycles

If you want to start at a lower entry point, you can start with our $35 Ad Packs that will also enter
you into this $140 Bonus Centre (BC) and you also get our featured product, currently the RCA Cambio
Tablet PC or you can enter both.

There is NO Easier or Faster business opportunity to earn this much and also get a product valued more than your investment!

You introduce 3 at any level: they pay a one-off $35, $140 or both products at $175

You help each of your 3 to get their 3 each

On the $35 entry level, you will earn $415 (almost R5 000) and a $140 position as well as 9 further Ad Packs

On the $140 product, you will get the product worth more, and earn $750 (almost R10 000) as well as 2 x $140
Pay It Forward (PIF) Vouchers

On both, you will earn $1 165 (about R15 000)

With the re-entry positions, additional Ad Packs and the “Follow Me” system, where those you introduced follow
you to an open Bonus Centre (BC) or Ad Centre and is placed under you in the 1st available position from left
to right, will ensure that you cycle over and over again, as long as new people are introduced in your team,
even far below you!

YourTechnologyPlus (YTP) 3 x 3 Follow Me compensation plan

  • You pay $140 – get RCA Cambia Tablet PC delivered world-wide = 1 position
  • Introduce 3 @ $140 each to get same = Bonus Centre (BC)
  • You can purchase more than 1 position, but each needs 3 to qualify for a BC
  • Help those 3 introduce 3 each
  • Each 3 that introduce 3 = Profit Centre (PC)
  • Each PC pays out $250 instantly in your Bitcoin Wallet – 3 x PC’s = $750
  • You Cycle (9 people – your personals, from those introduced, spill over etc.)
  • When you Cycle, you get a new BC and 2 x Pay it Forward (PIF) Vouchers of $140 each
  • With your new BC, those you introduced follow you once they cycled out and are placed in your open BC under the same position to help fill it up
  • You can use your 2 x PIF Vouchers to introduce new people in your BC or to help those you introduced to cycle or buy a new position and gift 2 under the new position using the PIF Voucher and with 1 more that pays $140, you get a BC

    Ad Packs

    As YourTechnologyPlus (YTP) want to help as many people succeed as possible and as fast as possible, they introduced a 2nd lower entrance that is independent of the main $140 Business Centre (BC) position.  You can start with the lower Ad Pack position that feeds into the $140 BC or takes both or just the $140 BC position.

    When you purchase a $35 AdPack, you get an Ad Centre and once you introduce 3 others or they are filled by spill over to the Ad Packs product, your 1 x 3 Ad Center (Line 1) is filled, you are then rewarded with a 1 x 3 Ad Center (Line 2) where you are paid $35 as each of your Line 2’s 3 positions are filled (remember those you introduce follows you), a total of $105 and when this is filled, you are rewarded with a 1 x 3 Ad Center (Line 3) where you receive $100 for each of these 3 positions = $300.  A total of $405.  You will then receive a $140 Bonus Centre (and product if not yet received) and 3 new Ad Centres.

    If you introduce only 3 people and help them to each introduce 3 each = 12 introduced in total:

    – If all only take 1 Ad Pack at $35 (about R500) once-off, you will earn $405 (almost R6 000), 1 BC & 3 Ad Packs
    – If all only take 1 BC @ $140 (about R2 000) once-off position with product purchase, you will earn $750 (almost R11 000) & 2 x $140 BC PIF Vouchers
    – If all take one of each at $175 (about R2 500) once-off, you will earn $1 165 (about R17 000), 2 x BC PIF Vouchers, 1 BC & 3 Ad Packs!

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