One Question All AIOP Affiliates Must ask themselves

If you can answer this question, your Online Money Making Journey will become shorter.

I know the money is very important and you can make a lot too with AIOP. Yet if that is your single drive to be part of AIOP, then you are missing the biggest picture.

Before I reveal the #1 question I answered for myself and AIOP became a no brainer for me, permit me ask you 4 different questions first.

  1. How many companies are you currently involved with?
  2. How many of these companies provide you with such resources AIOP has put at your disposal to build any business, including AIOP itself?
  3. How many of these companies have a compensation plan with such a leverage in which with just one referral you break even?
  4. How many of them really care about you to the extent that you can communicate with the CEO on 1:1.

I know you are saying AIOP is also very affordable. Yes, I did not forget about that aspect yet. Of course, AIOP is more than just affordable.

However, here is the #1 Question you must ask yourself:

How many of the companies or opportunities you are promoting, provide you with the possibility to build your list? Well, AIOP does.

Building a business without building and owning your own list, is like operating an offline store without customers, or not caring, if the customers would return to you or buy from your competition next time.

Building a list is very important, because a list constitutes a solid foundation for your business. You can communicate with, build reliable relationships, flip it anytime to build other opportunities or simple sell stuff of value to, at anytime.

List building as one of the solid aspects of AIOP business platform is an asset, many have not learnt to appreciate. Even without the affiliate Income stream, if it meant just to pay the basic membership with AIOP to use their resources to build my list, I would do that all day long.

However, with the AIOP affiliate side of the company, it is more than a win win scenario, and that is one of the reasons, why I love AIOP. Not only is AIOP providing an Auto Responder with unlimited leads and campaigns, they provide you with high converting lead capture/splash pages to facilitate building your list.

Their splash page builder is also amazing.

So, as AIOP Affiliate focus and use the resources to be building your list.

If you are not member of AIOP yet, but will like to join a company that places you first, through a team of committed business builders, that will support you build a successful business, while at same time helping your explode your list too,

Then Click here to join our Team.

Good luck and much success in building your list.



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