Online Home Based Business Core:

Learning the Basics of Internet technology 

Learning the Internet technology is as simple as studying ABC. You need not be a computer technology expert or an Internet technician programmer or professional to handle a business online.

As a beginner, there are basic personal disciplines you have to develop. You also have to learn and understand the basics of Internet technology for you to be more comfortable as you progress. 

Let’s start learning the Basics 

Everything you see online came from nothing. The Internet is a product of human thought and became a reality. Lets me answer some basic questions:

What is the Internet?

The Internet is a global network of computers being connected with a unique Ip (Internet Protocol) address that serves as an abstract object in-between two or more global network of computers. The Internet is a system that carries extensive tons of inter-linked hypertext documents and applications in the World Wide Web (WWW), electronic mails, telephony and peers to peer networks for file sharing, linking and transfer.

What are the required components of the Internet?
The required components of an Internet are:

-Client’s electronic device such as a desktop computer, laptop or a smartphone with a software program that can request information from the server;

-The server is a computer on the network that stores content and delivers the content whenever it is requested by the client. There are servers that do special functions like handling database queries, stores and retrieves a user’s digital ID to verify authenticity, e-commerce activities such as order entries, credit card processing, shopping cart application, online customer catalogue, searching domain name and hosting servers.

-Internet line which connects to link the Client and Server. An active working Internet line which includes a connection either a DSL line, a cable connection, a WI-FI connection, a modem or router.

-A software program such as Internet browsers and Microsoft program. Clients email addresses are optional but vitally essential for the majority of Internet applications.

Are there Rules to Comply?

Although the Internet seems to be accessible to anyone, the Webmasters, Servers and/or Network Providers have Terms of Agreement which they created and are strictly enforced. You need to comply whenever you want to use their sites else violation of the same would band you to use their services.

Who are the people whom you’ll possibly meet online?

You’ll meet many people from all walks of economic status in life with diversified reasons or purposes why they are online.

Years back, people need to go to the library to conduct research work using the Encyclopedia and other informative data. The Internet technology made research work easier, faster and you can access trillions of data stored in networks of computers in the comfort of your own home. The information is not as stable since web documents and data are very susceptible to change. It is our responsibility as users to evaluate and verify the information we have to gather for quality and accuracy before using the same as our source. You can even avail the free Encyclopedia in Wikipedia.

The Internet has made shopping easier. You’ll possibly meet people who do their shopping online who want to save their time going to shopping malls to purchase their groceries, clothing, school and office supplies and etc. Wise customers or buyers usually compare the prices, shipping added charge and delivery lead time online before they push through their purchases online. Most of them do experience high risks receiving the items they purchased with a lead of time. If they are not satisfied with the item they received, they have the option to return the item back to the seller with the hassle of paying shipping charges added value and refund the proceeds less restock cost incurred by the seller for the lead time. If you also want to escape the hassle of going to shopping malls and would like to save your time, you can do your shopping at,,, and any online e-commerce site where the item you need is there.

You’ll probably meet job seeks or business opportunity surfers when you join in some social networking sites. The social networking service is an online platform used by people to build their social networks or social relations with other people who share common personal or career interest, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. Some of the popular social networking sites are, google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and many more. You can find the complete list of social networking sites in Wikipedia.

You can also meet some of the Internet marketing entrepreneurs engaged in various industries online and can be your online competitors if you intend to be one of them in business as you progress online.

Are there scam sites online?

There are a great number of revenue stream programs where you can earn an unlimited amount of money. The Internet can be also a very dangerous place for someone who does not know anything.

You’ll find a lot of free online revenue stream programs sold for an initial amount of offer; programs that aren’t selling anything of value, networking, pyramid schemed scams, marketing systems sound like “easy to do and earn fast” and effortless ways to earn money concept.

There are sites that sound great but the system does not work for everyone. There are scam sites that prey on the basic instinct of most people who want to earn money quickly to achieve financial freedom the fastest, easiest, laziest and little to no effort way.

You’ll never find a “get to rich quick scheme online revenue program” on the Internet wherever you go or search.

To reduce the risks of being a victim of scam sites and save your time, it is wise to LEARN BEFORE YOU GET STARTED