Prizerebel is a SCAM!! Read This Before Joining | prizerebel reviews | Is prize rebel legit?

PrizeRebel Review | Is It Worth It? Prize Rebel

Hi Guys today i’m gonna give you a review on prizerebel I’m gonna show you how to sign up and how to set up your account. Showing You The Real Way to start earning money with prizerebel.

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So is what is prizerebel? It Basically is a survey site where you watch videos doing simple tasks and completing offers, Now it’s very simple to sign up all you have to do is put in your basic information right here : Click Here you can also sign up through Facebook, Now once you sign up with your email address you will have to go to your email inbox to confirm your email to be able to activate your accounts to start using prize rebel.

Ok Guys it’s very simple guys this is a very organized company before you do anything what you want to do is you
want to go to your account information right you want to add a picture of you. then go to want you want to go to payments then you would want to put your paypal email address because this is the payment method that they will be using to send you cash once you start earning money with prize rebel.
Now first you want to go to surveys you got different ways you’ll do surveys offer was you watch videos to earn and you also complete simple little jobs to earn points now what you do with these points is you redeem these points in to get gift cards or cash.
So here’s something important you would have to complete your profile questionnaire, Now the reason why they’re asking you for so much information and why is important to complete this profile is because the more information you provide about yourself the more surveys they will be able to send you so that you can complete these surveys to earn more points which you can redeem into cash and gift cards.
You can also earn points by watching videos so this is how simple it is, Now you can watch videos on different categories basically what you
want to do is you want to click on the green so you can watch three videos and you will be able to earn 0.55 points which they will show up right on your points balance alright you can also refer friends and family to earn points so basically they will give you your one of referral link you can share this referral link with friends and family and once they sign up to your referral link you will earn 50 percent referral points from anyone that you refer to this website.

So basically that’s what it is guys you earn money with prize rebel by completing offers doing surveys watching videos and once you reach a certain amount of points you can be able to redeem your points into cash for gift cards, You would have to reach 500 points to be able to cash out and they’ll give you $5 directly to your PayPal or you can have a gift card sent to your house but you will have to reach 500 points now it does take a lot of time to earn points because you have to spend a lot of time on this website or you have to refer a lot of people so yes this is for people who have enough time on your hands to sit around and do surveys and simple little jobs to earn points and make a little bit of money. So guys is prizerebel a scam? NO Absolutely not ive been earning with this survey site for over 2 years now it is legit.

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thanks for reading have a good day 🙂