Program 1 – Go Get Funding

Get funding for your projects, goals or business

I have learned that not many people or rather let me say not everyone knows about how simple it is to get funding online for your projects, goals or business.

I have learned some years ago about Angel Investors and they are still there, however, it is not a solution for the small guys and requires business plans, and as far as I know, there are requirements with regard to the involvement of the investor in your business and also with regard to the repayments. Which is scary for most people. The ones I have looked at also requires an initial cash layout in order to be seen by the majority of the investors – for me that is not a solution for a housewife wanting to start an online business working from.

Now you might ask what is the solution?

I have set up a few guidelines for myself in searching for a way to raise money for my Business. Before getting to that I would like to share a little story with you.

11 February 2019 – I woke up and told my husband I am sick and tired of struggling both online and offline and he have to find a way of raising in the next 30 days either 1000 x R200 or 200 x R1000 or else I am leaving. Now what triggered it that morning I am not completely sure.

By the end of the week searching “How to make R200 a day online which is about $15 a day I come across a huge business opportunity. I was so excited and happy at first for the invitations was for a free webinar and I could not wait for the time to pass so the webinar could start.

During the webinar so much was revealed and shared and I just knew this is what I am meant to do with my life. At the end of the webinar, I had a shock of my life as this business opportunity that I know is what I need to do is way beyond our financial reach yet in the exact amount I told my husband to raise within a month.

For some reason or another for the first time since I have been messing around on the internet I have a crystal clear way of what I need and what I am destined to be and once that happen the ways of getting the plan to unfold miraculously just come your way!

My Own Guideline

Find a way to get funds that require no or little investment

Find an opportunity that we can get the funds without having to pay interest

Find a way to get investments without asking family and friends for they will tell you why it won’t work

Find people that will help you so that you, in turn, can help them once you have set up your business

Find a way to get the investment that will not take longer than 2 – 3 months.

Find a solid business that you can get up in running in 2019 earn good money

Find a business that you only need to work 25 hours a week online

Now as you can see I have taken a stand and no more small play either go for it or just find a job offline

The Answer is Crowdfunding.

You might ask what is crowdfunding and I will write a complete article about crowdfunding shortly. For now, it is where people like myself and most probably you are investing money and it can be as little as $1 or as much as thousands of dollars in each other’s projects.

The larger amounts usually have some sort of reward for the investor where the smaller award a social media shout out or thank you is all that is really required. To make crowdfunding work is to really pay it forward once you have raised your money to invest in other peoples projects and businesses.

Go Get Funding 

Three are three easy steps

Create your campaign.

Add as many photos.

Payment can be accepted in any currency using PayPal or debit and credit card.

Promote your Campaign using social media or offline or online

I have received my first payment shortly after posting my campaign to Facebook. – It was super exciting.

It feels so good knowing that I have a way raising funds to get the business I have always dreamt about and in the process, I will be able to help other people in reaching their goals too.

Click to help me become an online business owner.

The Test 

Go Get Funding – needs no money investment only time to set up and promote

It is easy to use and can be changed as and when it is necessary

Anyone can create a campaign

Receive money in all currencies

Depending on my consistency in promoting I will have most of the funds needed for my business


Feel free to contact me once you have set up your campaign. (I can only become your supporter once my business is up and running and that is going to take a few months)

I have set up a group on Facebook for my supporters, once you have invested in my campaign please request to be added to the group.

Request access to the group: Subject I have invested in your business and (your name)

Thanks for reading my article

Karin Foster


South Africa

Caregiver, lifestyle blogger, recycler

Living Remotely