Setting Up a Wave-app Account

How-to set up a wave-app account

Hey guys, as we all know Paypal and Stripes accounts are getting shut down every day.. (both of mine was shut down within a week of each other)…so I wanted to give you heads up about an app that you can use for a back up in case this happens to you. You are not required to use this…you can use the merchant of your choice. But I have found this FREE app to be very easy to set up and start using very quickly. PLUS they have added instant payouts recently

Click here to get registered:

Here is a quick tutorial below on youtube that will help you set up your account to get your Bank linked to start receiving payments.
After you have created your Wave account, log back into Wave using your username and password. Then go to “Dashboard” on the left side of your page, and then “sales” and then “checkouts”. On the far right at the top, click on the blue box where it says “Create a Checkout”. The IMAGE BELOW will show you how to fill it out…Of course you will use your own fb account link, and the correct redirect url… and notice at the very bottom of the image, you will need to change that redirect url every week when you pay your $25 membership by going to that page and clicking the “edit” button at the top right hand corner…DO NOT forget to change that link every time you pay your weekly membership fee ( your new redirect url will be in the email you get when you pay the weekly $25 fee)…VERY IMPORTANT …now click save and go to the next step..
In the FIRST IMAGE BELOW, your paylink for Wave will be found where you see the red arrow on the checkout page to the left of “copy to clipboard” THAT is the paylink that you will need to copy and paste in your back office of “This Is Not MLM” …(SECOND IMAGE)
That paylink will not ever have to be changed unless you switch merchant accounts. After you paste it, be sure and click “update link”
When you start receiving payments, you will be notified by email from Wave. On your dashboard, click on payments and that is where you will see them. Click on the payment and you will see when it will be deposited to your bank.
Wave has also now added “Instant Payouts” if your balance is $25 or more… availabilities for instant payouts will be located on the payments page at the top right hand corner
Message me if you have any questions