Small Business UK Tax Planning Strategies

Tax Planning

“Money” is the thing which keeps the world go around.

Everyone, including Individuals, Corporations try their best to have their share of your money all the time.

Examples are,

  • Landlords / Mortage companies take – 30% – 40% of your Income
  • Council Tax – take 5% of your Income
  • Car Hire / Insurance – take 18% of your Income
  • Iphones – take 3% of your Income
  • Holiday companies – take 15% of your Income
  • Finally, HMRC takes between 20% to 50% of your Income

HMRC & Landlords/Mortgage companies take a Lion’s share of your Income, up to 75%, but people do nothing about it at all.

As we need definitely need shelter, paying either rent or mortgage becomes inevitable but at least attention should be diverted towards TAX PLANNING for your business.

The Planning should look into the following, to name a few..

  • Saving Corporation Tax – make use of AIA, Capital Allowances, Loan Interest etc.
  • Paying salary to cover the threshold which makes you eligible for State Pension, why lose it?
  • Saving Income Tax
  • Gifts for saving Inheritance Tax
  • Having Dividend Strategies etc..

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Tax Planning