Unstoppable Monster Traffic

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This is Going VIRAL Folks!

Earn By Just using Your Account!

>If you watched the video, you will know that your traffic lines will continue to double and there is absolutely no way to stop it. As a free member, every time a member in any of your traffic lines top up their account, you will earn a commission of either $4, $8, $12 or $20


The Benefits of a Pro Member!

>As a pro member, those amounts will be $10, $20, $30 and $50. As a pro member, you will also receive 60% second tier commissions when a member under a free member tops up their account, earning you an additional $6, $12, $18, or $30

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Unstoppable Monster Traffic.
>We have created the ultimate traffic tornado that will only get bigger and bigger as time goes by and it can never be stopped. Remember how we said we call the down-lines you start traffic lines? Well, every time a tracking link belonging to someone in any of your traffic lines are followed, on the way there, your campaigns will be rotated and one of your links will also be seen.
List Building on Steroids!
>As your traffic lines continue to grow, so will your mailing list. In your back-office, you only have to click a button to export all of your down-line members into a CSV file for easy import into your favorite auto-responder. And, because you can only ever be in one person’s traffic line, it also means you will only end up on one person’s mailing list.
>Even if you are a newbie just starting out and don’t have an auto-responder yet, we have you covered too. Every 10 days you can message your entire down-line comprised of all the members in all of your traffic lines. Remember, each time you directly refer someone you start a new traffic line that will keep doubling forever, adding more and more contacts you can message on a daily basis. When you do get your own autoresponder, just click the export button in your back-office to export all your contacts, ready for import into your new auto-responder account.
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